Study says Leiber considered most prestigious handbag brand

  1. Saw this in the morning while taking a QUICK break from work...

    From Fashion Week Daily -

    What do you think? I honestly think most people my age (20somethings) don't think of Leiber- but perhaps a lot of that is because I'm from LA, where formal events aren't nearly as formal as they are in, say, NYC. You can easily pull off a designer clutch. I'm somewhat surprised (and at the same time NOT surprised) that the article doesn't mention Louis Vuitton.
  2. A lot of Leiber pieces are more works of art than practical bags. If I owned one, I don't even think I would carry it. It would be a display piece.
  3. I agree...weird how Louis Vuitton is not mentioned. I'm in New York and I wear little clutches all the time. I can see the Leiber being the most prestigious, I mean it's hitting the White House so that probably makes up most of it. Same goes for the age of women who are purchasing them.

    Nice post, thanks!
  4. "Since 1953, every American First Lady has carried a custom-made Leiber handbag to the Presidential Inauguration."

    Personally, I don't really love anything from her collection, Judith Leiber bags are for old money types, imho.
  5. Interesting, especially "In particular, Leiber scored highly with women over age 45 with net worths in excess of $5 million." If they surveyed equally high net worth women in a different age bracket, I wonder what would have been voted #1?
  6. ITA. Then again, I'm not sure I'd want one...a lot are too gaudy for my taste. Based on the study, I guess rich women wouldn't agree with me!
  7. well, if a study says so.. I'd never consider buying one myself, I guess I am not in that age bracket but I don't see myself buying one even when I reach that age. I'd never buy Hermes either even if I had the money for it. Just not my style.
  8. Pics of her day bags:

  9. This one is $6500!

  10. Seriously? For what???!!!:tdown:
  11. Many of the clutches are also, being miniatures in many ways, kind of like collectin dolls and similar. I'm not surprised. Howver, I*m surprised that prada made it to number three and that they did not include a couple more brands that are a bit similar to leber, like BEA VALDES:
  12. I'm not surprised. Leiber is known for her evening bags. To go to a formal occasion formal enough to call for a four-figure evening bag puts you in a very select population. True, she also has day bags, but they are mostly (though not all) exotic skins. Hermes is more known for "day" bags.
  13. Thanks for the post this is very interesting!
  14. I adore her bags and I'm far from 45. Not surprised she's number 1. But where is Nancy G.? :shrugs: