Study finds pregnancy makes you forgetful

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    I just saw this article and thought that for me it was true, I actually did feel more scatter brained/ forgetful whilst pregnant with my two children (and again now going through menopause). Probably as they described a lack of sleep plays a large part.

    'Baby brain' confirmed in mums-to-be

    February 6, 2008 - 10:57AM

    Science has confirmed what mums-to-be have long suspected - pregnancy really does make you forgetful, and the "baby brain" can last months after birth.

    A review of pregnancy studies by Australian researchers has found that those with child have "modest deficits" in memory, especially when information is new or presented in a challenging way.

    "The memory deficits many women experience during and after pregnancy are pretty much like the modest deficits you'd find when comparing healthy 20-year-olds with healthy 60-year-olds," says Dr Julie Henry, a psychology researcher at the University of NSW.

    Dr Henry and co-investigator Professor Peter Rendell, of the Australian Catholic University, compared the memory performances of more than 1,000 pregnant women, mothers and healthy non-pregnant females involved in 14 different studies around the world in the past 30 years.

    They found that pregnant women are significantly impaired on some, but not all, measures of memory.

    They experience most difficulty with memory tasks that rely on "executive cognitive control", those tasks where novelty or significant effort is involved.

    "Regular, well-practised memory tasks - such as remembering phone numbers of friends and family members - are unlikely to be affected," Prof Rendell said.

    "It's a different story, though, when you have to remember new phone numbers, people's names or hold in mind several different pieces of information, such as when multi-tasking."

    The work, published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, is one of the first to confirm the suspicion from endless subjective reports that so-called "baby brain" is a real phenomenon.

    The results indicate that the impairment is still evident a year after childbirth, but no studies have yet investigated beyond this period.

    Dr Henry said scientists still don't understand why a woman's memory should be impaired at such an important time, but they suspect lifestyle factors play a role.

    "In pregnancy your normal routines are disrupted and you can suffer sleep deprivation after the birth," Dr Henry said.

    "We know from other research that either of those things can affect cognitive performance."
  2. I believe that because sometimes I go into a daze....
  3. My first reaction that was, "Well, no duh!"

    I was COMPLETELY brain dead through pregnancy and the first two and half years of my son's life because I didn't sleep. He started sleeping, I started sleeping and voila, my brain started to come back! Doy! LOL

    Maybe that's why moms are willing to do it again because they forget how awful it is to have a newborn and young baby! LOL Seriously!
  4. I agree with this!
  5. So, since women have to use disability benefits at work, maybe pregnancy really should be considered a "disability"! lol
  6. Totally believe this! I think I still have a little bit of it left over.
  7. This explains why my mom is so forgetful!!
  8. Around 8 weeks I left the car running in the garage for hours! I NEVER do stuff like this. DH was the one who discovered it thankfully...he went out and bought an extra carbon monoxide detector just in case. Also not long after I filled up the tank while the engine was running! lol keep me away from cars!!!! I've tried to double-check things ever since. :smile:
  9. When I was expecting my DD, I asked my ob to write a note for my new boss. She thought I was fine but I told her, you don't understand, I'm very stupid right now so I wanted you to know why.
  10. I don't need a study to tell me that this lingers LONG past 1 year after birth! My 'iron clad memory' is a thing of the past. Part of it I chalk up to lingering sleep-deprivation and just having too many things to remember. But yeah.... for sure... this is real! :confused1:
  11. They needed to do a study to figure that out?

    I has the worst memory during my pregnancy & I swear my brain is still screwed up from it. I would always put things in the wrong place like milk or ice cream in a cabinet. My dad brought over a huge pack of frozen lumpia when I was pregnant-I love those suckers. Anyway, I put it in a drawer & found it a week later :rolleyes: Another thing is I would always forget peoples name, addresses, names of places I go all the time.
  12. I call it "Mommy Brain" doesn't happen just during pregnancy, but right after and beyond! My youngest is almost 2 1/2, and my memory is shot. And you're talking about a woman who everyone marveled had the best memory for even the smallest details. I think we get so wrapped up in having to take care of everyone else, it makes it hard to remember!
  13. I completely agree that pregnancy makes you forgetful. With my first pregnancy, I was so excited to start choosing stuff for my baby shower at Toys R Us that I actually left my keys in the car with the ignition running for about an hour and I actually didn't realize this until I wanted to leave and was looking for my keys in my purse. Some of the employees thought that something had happened and were about to call the police when I came out of the store. With my second & third pregnancy, I became very forgetful at work. Things that I would do on a daily basis (I've been an Assistant Manager for a food chain for almost 8 years), I would become absentminded and I often got into trouble with my boss for this. So I truly believe that you become forgetful during pregnancy.
  14. Oh I completely agree with... what was I saying? ;)

    The other day I did the most idiotic thing. DH was hungry, really hungry. So I called in take out to our favorite italian restaurant. Well, I thought I was calling our favorite restaurant but ended up calling another italian restaurant that we now hate but is still stored in my phone for some reason (yes, we are take out junkies and I honestly have restaurant numbers stored in my phone lol) Anyway, I placed my order... some pretty standard italian menu items; penne pasta, manicotti, calamari, ceaser salad, etc. So I drive to the restaurant to pick it up and DH runs inside to pick up our order. We are big time regulars at this place so they know us by name (shameful once again lol) and they inform DH that they don't know what order he's talking about. So to make a long story a tad bit shorter... as I said before... I called the wrong restaurant to place the order. It has been months since this incident and they still haven't let me live it down.
  15. That's so true! The bad news, it doesn't go away after giving birth .. the sleep deprivation makes it even worst! :push: