Studs on the bottom

  1. I´ve seen so many bbags... but I can´t remember if there are bbags with studs on the bottom..
    Does anyone know?
  2. The work has feet on the bottom, if that's what you mean.
  3. So does the Part-Time. ;)
  4. what? I had a work and it didn't have feet on the bottom...are you sure lizz? :shrugs:
  5. Yes, that was exactly what I ment.
  6. My work has stub on the bottom as well.
  7. Both my Work and my new GH Part-time have studs on the bottom.
  8. maybe it differs by year?
  9. Maybe... I just saw one bbag today, I´m not sure if it was a fake. Because it had studs on the bottom and 4 studs on the handles (1 on the handle and 3 under it) It had also a seam in the middle like the part-time.
    I guess it´s a fake.
  10. My Work has feet too :yes:
  11. weekender has studs :yes:
  12. bigger bags like work and weekender do have studs at the bottom :smile:
  13. My ink work have studs.
  14. can someone post a pic of the work with the studs on the bottom? I still don't get it! LOL!!!