Studs on roxanne & rosemary??

Feb 26, 2008
Hi all, this is just a very quick question - is it a big problem with the roxanne & rosemary bags with their studs falling out?? Does it happen a lot? Is it just a cosmetic problem or does it affect the bag in use? Thanks in advance x
Jul 9, 2009
I had one break off in the post when the bag was on its way to me- was in dustbag but not sure if I can stick it back on as mulberry cant do a repair as its silver and rounded not the flat one


I lost one of the studs of my oak roxy but it was under guarantee so Mulberry replaced it free of charge and with no fuss.


Well it annoyed me because I was without my beauty for a couple of weeks in the height of summer. I'm sure I;ve read it s a worse problem with Darwn that NVT but mine is NVT. At the end of the day I love roxys so much that I can put up with it.

Sarah Lizzie

Feb 11, 2010
I use my choccy Roxy to death- it's been everywhere with me (I'm not precious with her), and I've never had any problems whatsoever with the studs, nor any other parts for that matter:yes: Hope this helps! xoxo


Feb 12, 2009
West Berkshire (UK)
My Black pre loved Roxy had a rivet missing when I bought her - Mulberry replaced it for £15 at the same time they authenticated it. 2 weeks later a different one fell off ! No problems since or with my other 2 or my Rosemary. I use them all a lot .


Sep 29, 2006
I have a plum glace roxanne that is prone to popping rivets. Even though I check them before it goes out for the day, I've still lost 5 rivets. Need to see if Mulberry will mail some to the US with out.
Jan 24, 2009
South Cheshire
Oh dear! Asking the wrong one here. Mind you the more Roxys/Roseys you have the more it's bound to happen by the law of averages. I would say that on the the thinner leathers it shouldn't be a problem but the thicker and heavier the leather, the more it seems to happen. At the risk of boring ladies again I had the most horrendous experience using my python a few weeks ago. She's only been out a couple of times before. Long and short of it is that she popped all four front pocket rivets. All in place but straps parted company from the bag! I've had a rivet done on darwin Choco and two on black refined grain. Stone goatskin arrived at the shop minus one but they had it done before I took her home. Plum antique glacé has one that has separated but not dropped off yet!