Studs-how long will they last? are they out?

  1. I have one very expensive bag with some studs on the handle - not a lot but studs nevertheless - Does anyone think it's over for studs, even in moderation? I love my bag but am also concerned about wearing things that are really over. Do any of you have a bag with studs at this point?
  2. I still like them....I don't think they are out yet!!
  3. Depending on how many studs you have I guess. I don't think they will ever be completely out. They will always be fun and hip.

    I hope they won't be out soon because I am making a ton of baby bags with them all over!!
  4. I have a Michael Kors Astor tote w/ studs. I like it because it's unique, but I think studs should be used in moderation because they can get gaudy/old fast. Otherwise, I think they can be something that has a little longevity. It also has a lot to do with what item is studded (bag or jeans), and how you wear it.
  5. I love your answer - also, what kind of baby bags? like to carry diapers and bottles in?
  6. I have 2 BE & D bags ---which do cost a pretty penny..(.a turquoise garbo satchel which is all studded.. and a gumetal clutch.) I also have a pony hair clutch w/ different shape studs both gold and silver tones on it. I also have two pairs of heels that have studs on them too... .so I guess you can say i'm all for it :cool:

    What I loooooove about studs is that it throws my outfit off in a good way.. it makes it more edgy. I don't think it'll ever be over. :rolleyes:
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