Studs? Got your eye on any in particular?

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  1. We're seeing them all over the market again. What are you looking at and loving?
  2. I got the Be and D studded satchel (Can't recall name) it was at Nordie's dot com. In black with gold hardware. Not sure if still available, maybe only the Tan one is.
  3. Alexander Wang :love:
  4. ^ nice find!
  5. #7 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    not on the market. and rare as can be. but these are my dream studs:heart:3

    Louis Vuitton Coquette Pochette in bunny pink:heart:3333

  6. I got the Treesje Dylan in black and it rocks!
  7. I like the Alexander Wang Rocco duffle and the RM grey Roadie.
  8. I still have my gucci babouska tote with studs on it.
  9. I like that bag too, very nice!
  10. I still love Bal's giant gold studs but the AW Rocco has caught my eye too.
  11. lots of great choices and pics here!
  12. Have a AW Rocco baby on the way from shopbop :woohoo: