Studs fell off on first wear- is this normal?

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  1. I bought a pair of non-caged red patent flats in the sale yesterday. Thank God I wore them out today! I wore them for a couple of hours, came home to find that 2 of the studs (one on each shoe) fell off! I cannot believe this. I was not walking strenuously or anything, in fact I went shopping to get patent poudre rockstuds today!

    I am going to return and ask for a refund (they don't refund worn/sale items but these are clearly faulty). Is this normal? I well hope not as these shoes cost a fortune! I hope they will refund me. But now I am wonderinf whether to return my patent poudre ones in case the studs fall off on those. Please can you advise? Is this normal or were those shoes faulty?
  2. I haven't experienced this and I've worn my pair more than a handful of times... They do come with extra studs in the box though (mine did at least) if you wanted to keep them at the sale price and fix them yourself??
  3. That's good to hear. I haven't checked for extra studs-thanks for informing me about this. I am on my way back to the store. I dont want to have to replace the studs after the first wear. But really want to keep my patent poudres!
  4. This has never been my experience. I would definitely bring them back and see if you could return them for another pair. My studs have not come off any of mine.
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  5. Good to know, thanks. They refunded me and the manager there said she has seen this issue on rockstuds- people returning them after studs falling off, especially with heels. I am now paranoid about my new pink ones. Shall I return them? I have the same caged flats in bone patent white but rarely wear them due to fear of ruining them. I normally wear all my other shoes with ease eg my Ferragamos and Chanels. Just the Valentinos worry me. At that price I dont want to worry so much!​
  6. Guess it depends on your comfort level. Do you have extra studs? I have a pretty good rotation, so I don't wear any one pair that often, but this have never been my experience.
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  7. Out of everyone I know that has the flat, heel, etc (all versions) I haven't heard of any studs falling off... Unless you are hard on your shoes I guess? I think you should feel comfortable also that you got the patent - which has more holding power. I would start to wear them asap because the flats have a little break in period :smile: in my experience.
  8. Thanks. I only wore them for the forst time today and yes they were patent. I was walking around in the city and jogged/fast walked a few steps because it looked like it was about to rain. Nothing abnormal or particularly strenuous and any other shoes would have been ok with that. Love the patent poudres but am worried!
  9. That's great to know. Thank you
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