Studio 44 Big Sale

  1. There is an IF Sydney tote bag on sale that I want to buy, but I want to make sure this site is legit. Has anyone ordered from this store before? Help me before I make a big mistake! Thanks.

    Studio 44 | High Fashion Accessories at Affordable Prices
  2. Do you think this is legit? They're selling the Chloe Paddington for $500!! I also found the following on the home page:

    "In honor of "Black History Month" we are giving a one hundred dollar discount on all items except jewelry and clearance items. In order to recieve this discount please send a comment using the contact us page and tell us which product you wish to buy and receive your discount code."

    It doesn't sound legit -- what do you guys think? Why would they discount soooo much?? They're not making any margins!
  3. I would stay one can sell that cheap...
  4. Stay away! The Chloes are horrid fakes!! Expensive Horrid Fakes!:wtf: :wtf:

    I would imagine that the rest of the merchandise would be also.
  5. not only that but they sell tiffany. is anyone allowed to sell tiffany other than tiffany???
  6. Also B-bags are fake....Balenciaga is very selective about who they let sell...These are total fakes.

  7. NOPE! Tiffanys started enforcing brand control back around 1997 I believe. Since then there are no authorized vendors of Tiffany&Co. products outside of Tiffany&Co. boutiques themselves. PERIOD! I would stay away from this site....:s