Students: What do you wear to school?

  1. I like to look good when I go to school but comfortable too. I recently bought some nice flats but feel weird not wearing heels. I also love wearing jeans but I am stuck on what kind of top to wear. I don't like tees because it makes me feel like a kid. Casual dresses are great because I can look chic yet comfortable with my flats.

    What do you ladies wear to school? :smile:
  2. Honestly, anything comfortable. In high school it was all about impressing people through your clothing... then I arrived at college where people went to class in sweats and tees. My "every day" wear to class is something like jeans and a tee or something and when it's chilly jeans with a tee and a zip up or even a hoodie over. I own a lot of tees that are still in the "t-shirt catagory" but could also be worn with like a pair of black or khaki pants for a little nicer look. I don't own many Adidas or Nike shirts or anything like that and I don't think I own any shirt that says something funny on it (you know what kind of tees I'm talking about, lol). Those types are for when I'm working out or something. I do have what I call "campus shirts" that I wear that advertise that I'm in the Special Events Committee and whatnot... but other than that... nope. No real t-shirts. Anything comfy with a pair of tennies or docs.
  3. I generally wear a pair of baggy jeans, flip flops, and a sweatshirt. I always go casual because I don't see the point in dressing up because I'm in school to learn, not get a date. haha.
  4. Jeans and hoodies. I mean, it's the girls that are dressed like princesses ready to go clubbing that stick out like a sore thumb ! Everyone is there to learn, not party. ;)
  5. yeah, i'm definitely a jeans and t shirt girl when it comes to school. i love flats and flip flops; as long as i'm going to be sitting for a long time, i might as well be comfortable.
  6. I need to get more nice (& comfortable of course!) flats now.. =)
  7. flats all the way at uni...
    u can still wear jeans and flats and a cute top and still look stylish...
  8. I disagree that girls who "dress up" -- ie don't wear jeans and flip flops -- stick out like a sore thumb. They may look different, but I think the overall look is nice.

    I actually think that it is rude for people to wear very casual things like pajamas to class (I'm not saying that you do). I understand that it's comfortable but it's disrepectful to the professor/teacher.

    I'm not a fan of girls wearing very skimpy clothing to class, but the ones who noticeably put an effort to what they wear should not be looked down upon.

    At my school, people wore anything from pajamas (5%) to jeans and a casual top (20%) to something hippyish (5%) to preppy (50%) to what I would consider fashionable for college (20%). I went to a all-female school, so no one was dressing for men.
  9. If I'm going to the University to do research (no class) then I will wear Juicy Couture or Lululemon b/c its so comfortable and casual and comes in all sorts of girly colors (versus traditional grey sweats etc).

    However, there seems to be an unspoken stigma at least in terms of Grad School that the people who take their work the most seriously also reflect that in the way they dress. Most grads in the department are quite old fashioned and wear large framed glasses (including me), basic polos, tees or vests, and cords or jeans with comfortable walking shoes. You will never see anyone wearing skimpy clothing or ultra-trendy clothes. Of course, this is also reflected in the department. I am in Religious Studies so it is natural that dress is more conservative.
  10. Depending on the weather, I would definitely wear a hoodie, loose fitting pants and maybe ugg boots. (yes i know ugg boots are both "uggly" and other things but they are comfortable no doubt). If it's warmer, I would just wear a random shirt, pants and sneakers or flip flops.

    I would never wear anything nice or have a super expensive bag... I've gotten things stolen during class... believe it or not. It was during lab and someone stole my wristlet and kate spade pencil case.
  11. Tees [James Perse, UO, etc], tanks [Free People, C&C, Hanes, etc.] and sweats or jeans!
  12. Jeans, skirts, dresses, anything! I wear t-shirts a lot-it's completely unnecessary to wear super-nice clothes to school. It's fine to look cute, but I just don't see the need to be bringing out your best and most expensive clothes to a place where they will most likely be overlooked. I don't understand're at a school to LEARN...not to impress. Save your good clothes for nighttime expeditions. You can still look really cute wearing jeans, flats, and a cute top.
  13. I learned my lesson about carrying an expensive bag ... I used my MJ duffel one day and a girl stole my phone OUT OF MY BAG while we were doing class presentations. I watched her do it, but how am I going to prove it's mine? She left class right after she took it. So now I carry a really old but beloved bag from France. As for what I wear, dresses or jeans depending on the day. Never heels because I have to walk SO FAR everywhere.
  14. What kind of flats do you gals wear? I don't really like the traditional flipflops..
  15. I dress super-comfy for school. Usually jeans, Juicy sweats for pants. usually tees (Grail, Junk Food, school spirit ones) or hoodies for tops. In the summer I wear flip flops and in the winter it's usually running shoes.
    I just want to be comfy as I'm walking from the parking lot to my classes and stuff.
    Sometimes I dress up....but it's more business-casual type clothing.
    I almost always bring a high $ purse (depending on the weather)....but I'm in grad classes have 8 people, and my desk has a locked drawer & I can lock my lab when I'm not in it (to go to the bathroom, etc.)

    Also...I've never personally worn PJs....but as an undergrad I was very tempted to do so!!!!!!