Students Rebuked Over Virginia Tech Shooting Victims Halloween Costumes

  1. These two pathetic children obviously are crying out for attention. People are just so stupid.
  2. Un-friggin'-real! Just how could they find a costume like that funny? 32 people DIED in that shooting!

    Insensitive jerks.
  3. I'm disgusted.
  4. these idiots bring shame to the university.....
    they should be expelled or something....
  5. Absolutely disgusting. What a complete lack of respect for those who died in such a tragic event.
  6. I can't believe it. And these people got into a university? Hmm.:push:
  7. I can't wrap my head around it. I hope they've learned their lesson!
  8. Oh my...that's disgusting. I'm amazed anyone could be so insensitive.
  9. This is not that surprising to me. That's why these shootings happen in the first place. Young people are de-sensitized and think everything is a joke. (Unless it happens to them, of course. :rolleyes: ) There is no doubt in my mind that as a culture, we are meaner than we've ever been.
  10. tactless, tasteless , abhorrent: their parents must be so proud....
  11. I totally agree Roo. You and I are old enough to remember what it was like before. Humans just don't value life as they once did, the "ME FIRST!" generation is firmly rooted now. And everything, including human life, is disposable.
  12. ^
    I don't think it was better before, just more well hidden and news didn't spread as quickly.

    Also before people could take their anger and desire to mob/being mean out on other minorities like jews, africans, homosexuals, disabled etc depending on location and time without fearing hard reprecussions. They didn't have to take it out on each other...

    On topic: I think this shows a total lack of judgement. They probably see this as some kind of juke / pun.
  13. OK, I couldn't read the story. The faux blood soaked Tee was enough. :cursing:

    Why is it that every Halloween there is some idiotic costume being worn by a college student? I mean, come on!!

  14. Huh?