Students how do you feel about LV on campus?

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  1. im a little nervous to wear my LV to my school just because i think it brings unneeded attention how many of you are scared it might get stolen?:shame: i would :hysteric: if i lost one of my purses. I wore my inclusion bracelet today and i got some stares :s i dont even carry my marc jacobs bags to school:sad:
  2. I woudn't takeout my LV on campus especially if I live there. It does bring un-necessary attention. I feel the same way when I go on vacation to the carribian no LV comes with me.
  3. my school have a few students who cary LV ...and no one take 2nd look..:shrugs:
  4. I would. But I wouldn't bring anything mono. I bring my Bastille to school everyday and I feel very comfortable with it. I do see a lot of LV on campus and I love it.
  5. well i take my lvs to school, but mostly i consider using coach or dooney&bourke cause i already have a lot to worry about at school, and then adding on a louis vuitton, that's too much for me. haha:roflmfao:

    but if its like a special day, like valentines, christmas, etc, than i do.:p

    but i do take'em out when on vacation or anything else.
  6. I would never take any of my designer bags to school. They're too precious to me & like jennifer1921, I don't like the unnecessary attention. I like to keep them separate - backpacks for school and designer purses for work & play :yes:
  7. Hmm.... well, I go to school and teach at a university and I think it's not a good idea to look too flashy in my profession. I have independent savings and a side job, but I can't flash logos at school if I want to be able to apply for grants and things.

    But the undergrads at my school (Ivy League) seem to have a lot of designer goods and I have seen MANY Neverfulls used as bookbags!
  8. I use my speedy 40 as a school bag which works great for me. Sometimes I even leave it in the lab or the auditorium for a while if I need to use the bathroom or grab something to eat (it should be mentioned that I tend to be at school at really odd hours, when nobody else tends to be there)
  9. i don't think people really care; it's college! have fun, use your bags, and get good grades.
  10. its good to know im not the only one :smile: sweetlove you leave ur bags unattended!? :wtf: i wont even leave my backpack unattended i pretty sure someone stole my notebook last week :shrugs: i guess it just depends on what school you go to
  11. yeah. but then again, I study at a faculty where most of my peers are geeky guys who has no idea what LV is, so leaving it for a few minutes isn't more risky than leaving any generic backpack.
  12. I wore mine on campus all the time. But I do go to a private school where the median household income is very no one gives it a second glance!
  13. i wear my Mono Noe to school everyday...I don't care what people think...I like it and it works well. I could be like everyone else and carry Vera Bradley or Coach...but who wants to be just one of the crowd?
  14. I used to take my LVs EVERYWHERE, but I don't does bring unwanted attention, and I really don't like it The only LV I carry at school now is my Damier Speedy, and most people have no idea what it all good.
  15. It depends on the campus. If it's a campus where a lot of people carry them I would feel comfortable carrying also but if it were a campus where almost no one carries designer bags I would feel very uncomfortable and would not want to draw attention.