Student vent thread! Come on in and let it out!

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  1. Thought I would start this for those of us in school who want to vent about professors, difficult classes, or just life in general as a broke, busy, worn out student. Lol

    My current struggle is pharmacology. I'm suffering from major brain overload! So much to memorize. I think my brain might melt out my ears if I write one more flashcard.
  2. OH MY GOD this is the best thread. I definitely need this.

    So my professor gives us this GIANT biochemistry packet filled with notes, powerpoint slides and diagrams...Probably 50 pages thick? We are told to bring it every day to class and annotate it with what he says in class.

    First of all, he jumps around from section to section so we have flip back and forth. THEN he YELLS AT US for making noise by rustling paper!! He refuses to speak unless the classroom is deathly silent. He keeps telling us not to rifle through papers and that we should sit still in our chairs and just "listen to him speak". Um excuse me, isn't it my prerogative if I want to take notes?

    And then! Half the of the things he discusses in class and puts up on the projector are not in our packet!! He's just like "go look it up online". Um okay why give us this giant packet if you aren't going to include ALL the notes? it's just frustrating..its like he does this just to be annoying.

    On top of all this, I am feeling SOOOO unmotivated today. I just can't focus on any work. I don't know whats wrong with me today....I guess I am just mentally exhausted?
  3. Oh, I'm sure I'll be up in here in the next coming weeks when my courses begin. :nuts:
  4. I have learned today that a class about the process on how Psychology is researched is the most boring class you could imagine , I was thinking half way through class that I should just drop out of school and join the circus - this class is going to be hell for the next 4 months - and I swear i have no idea what the teacher is rambling on about and I really don't care either
    This class is going to be such a royal pain in the A**
  5. LOL, there is teacher vent thread and now a student vent thread. Thanks for starting this OP!

    I'm not a student but a parent of two students, one in middle school and the other in elementary school. With current standards and tons of homework, I too feel like I'm back in school.....grrrr. Sometimes I feel teachers are going overboard with homework assignments. Really, 6 + hours of homework for young children every night on top of a 7 hour school schedule is too much! Then more homework for the weekends and holidays. Well, the kids are used to it but still's a bit overboard to me and cuts into their other activities like sports. I'm sure it will get worse though. When questioned the teachers in our last parent/teacher conference, they said each student should not do more than 30 minutes of homework per class each night. They need to seriously think before they talk because it takes them 1 hour per class and that's normal for other students in their classes. The teachers' response were to quit after 30 minutes. Well, we tried that last year for one month, and you know what? My son only received partial credit for homework assignments that were turned in incomplete, reducing their points needed to meet their letter grade goals. How fair is that? We continue to monitor them to ensure they are completed, and believe me, from start to finish usually average an hour per class.

    I guess that's my vent for my kids.
  6. I've been hearing these elementary/middle school horror stories a lot lately! Makes me wonder if I'll end up homeschooling mine??
  7. My classes don't start until the beginning of October but I am sooooooo not looking forward to the Team-Training that we have to do for one of my majors. It's 3 days in the sticks, sleeping in run down huts where the beds have stains on them, smell funny and are too short to be able to stretch your legs. UGH!! Not looking forward to it at all...
  8. I hate hate hate hate law school, the teachers there suck and so do the people. I hate how we never ever do working in groups or anything, it feels just really lonely and boring. You have to wait in front of the class room like 30 minutes before so you have the chance to catch a seat before someone else does - because if you don't then you'll have to sit on the steps for 2 hours and take notes on the floor. So great.

    Before you say something: I'm already in the process of applying to a private University, I hope I'll be accepted or otherwise I'll freak out
  9. lol, story of my whole college life :smile: ...having to wait half an hour before so that you can get a sear, lol
  10. ^Luckily I go to a small school so this isn't a trouble for me. Sternchen, what is your major?
  11. Business Administration with concentrations in Bank, Finance and Investments and Financial Services :smile:

    In the States I was a Biology major :smile:
  12. Great thread.

    OK, my vent: the only thing I REALLY can't stand is when professors do not answer to your emails. If I need to book an appointment by email (because the prof requires it) with you but she never replies back ... what I am supposed to do? Also, if you need the password (because you live 200 Kms away and you have already informed the prof that you are not going to attend classes - it is allowed btw) for the elearning site but he doesn't reply to your emails? How I am supposed to get ready for the exam?

    This is my second university experience. I graduated last July (drug representative) and everything went smooth during my university years. I had to attend classes everyday but we were like 30 students during the last year classes and we all had a great relationship w/professors. I had to work (part-time) but never had any problem w/classes. Now... I matriculate to another university that is about 200 Kms far from my home (3 and half hours by train). I have to do all by emails and it's so so hard if professors never replies to them!
  13. I hate teachers who schedule midterms after Halloween! :cry:
  14. I hate my internship program atm. My preceptor is supposed to get back to me every time I send in feedback re: my placement. Currently, I am back in school b/c my program is integrated, so in April, I should be starting up my placements again. HOWEVER, my bf and I are supposed to go to HK for a wedding (his best friend) and I can't get a hold of my preceptor to delay my placements. When I finally did, she said " I can't deal with this right now, I will discuss your placements in April". WTF?!?!
    I need to discuss this BEFORE then!
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    My high school's teaching method is the harkness table. While I love the way it works, there's just one teacher who insists on letting kids walk all over him. Getting off track while discussing a specific subject seems to happen every day or two and frankly I dislike it. I don't mind people trying to socialize but I'd prefer if socializing was kept outside of class.

    If you're not aware of the harkness table its where instead of having a professor stand up and teach us a lesson, students teach each other by having a discussion with the class at a table. The teacher acts as a moderator a lot of the time.