Student LV Lovers, please read!

  1. Do you use your LV when you go to school? If not, what do you use? I need a bag for school but I'm not sure if I should go with LV to use every day or get another bag just for school use. I've been using my Marc Jacobs tote bags for school but I want something else. Please enlighten me! :flowers:

    Also, for reference, I usually carry:
    - five star 3 subject notebook
    - sometimes 2 soft covered textbooks
    - wallet, pens, keys, 2 cles, water bottle, gum, lotion, hand sanitizer

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. What price range? Mabe a Neverfull MM or GM?
  3. I have long since sold my Noir St. Jaques but that baby worked so well with looooong straps and can shove a lot of notebooks and at least 2 mid size textbooks.
    I wished I kept a picture with all my books in it but that was 8 years ago!
  4. depends, is your school in a good area? i like the neverfull mm/gm for school tites they can fit everything imaginable..
  5. Well let's see...
    you need something light, practical and spacious...
    what about a batignolles vertical???? It seems great for you...spacious but not bulky...
    I wouldn't suggest something like the soft briefcase!!! Also a messenger is out of the question for me...too big for you!
    Well I can only think of the batignolles now...but it's late here so probably my mind isn't working properly!!!lol
    Good luck and hope we helped a bit...
    BTW I use LV bags in university that's what bags are for!!!!!!!!!
  6. I use my Damier Azur Saleya GM for school
  7. Thanks for the quick replies everyone! I really appreciate it, keep them coming.
    Also, it doesn't have to be LV, it can be anything. :graucho:

    I don't have a price range so I'm open to all suggestions. I'm also leaning towards a Neverfull MM, but don't know if I want to carry it every day.

    Yeah, my school is in a pretty good area. It's in the city by Columbus Circle. :yes:
  8. Battery is running low, so I am I have to make this quick:
    It holds notebooks and pads well and is very sensible looking!

    Good luck! Let us know what you choose!
  9. I use my Bastille for school and love it! Maybe the Abbesses? I see a girl carry one at school and it looks awesome.
  10. WEll, I'm 5'3 and I carry a Five Star 3 subject notebook filled with extra papers. A pencil case with pens highlighters and such, MAC compact and lipgloss, wallet, agenda, phone and keys. I started to use the Palermo GM for school. Then it started getting heavy, and the straps weren't too helpful. I then bought the Lockit Horizontal, which is now up for grab on eBay. I used it once, and it was not for me, so now I'm using my Marc by Marc Jacobs tote. I'm thinking about giving LV another try. Here are the options: Monogram Batignolles V or H and the Damier Hampstead MM.
    Let us know how your search goes.

    You said CC? There are so many schools around there. I'm sure you'll be fine. If you're a ram the Damier would be perfect!!

  11. woudl u have pics?:confused1:
  12. I also use various LV bags for school, I think a messenger or shoulder bag is essential. I would prefer something a little structured for the heavier books you might carry.
  13. i use my prada messenger bag. it's lightweight, waterproof, and large enough to hold a huge medical textbook, macbook, pens/pencils, calculator, assignment notebook, and an evian.

    i like how it's an understatement for school; it doesn't scream "hey scary guy over there, come and steal my designer bag."
  14. I don't think i would ever use a monogram canvas bag for school! The vachetta...think of the poor vachetta! Haha...I use my yucky gucci and prada for school!
  15. I agree! I'm leaning towards the Neverfull MM but idk, I don't think I want to use a monogram bag for school... not because of the vachetta but because it stands out too much. I want something simple and lightweight.

    Hey, if you guys can post pics too, that would be great!