Studded VP: Keep or Return

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  1. hi everyone! it's been a hot minute since i've posted on here (i confess, i've been lurking), but i am at a crossroads. i went shopping yesterday with a good friend of mine at saks for HER some shoes when, behold, what should catch my eye?!? the studded a size 39! i have seen almost every post on here about the shoes and how gorgeous they are in person, but wasn't going to buy into the hype...

    well, i tried them on just to see what they would look like...and the hype is real.

    so i bought them. but now i'm wondering if it was a worthy purchase. i'm about to graduate from med school in may and am telling myself they are my present to myself (haha!), but next year i'm going to be doing an un-funded year of research, so i really should be saving dinero instead of spending it.

    i know you ladies understand my dilemma, so i ask: should i keep them???
  2. Yes, you have to keep them. I was late on the bandwagon too and I am so glad now that they are mine. They are a really special pair, and besides, you deserve them for surviving med school.
  3. Keep 'em if you love 'em!
  4. i dont think anybody in here is going to tell you to return them lol
  5. Yes. Yes ! You just deserve it ! Come on ! :love:
  6. keep.
  7. this, lol.
  8. ita
  9. yehhh keep them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im looking forever for them
  10. Well, actually, if you truly should be saving instead of spending, then I say return them. With that said, I'm sure that you've worked very hard in med school and I certainly couldn't argue with giving yourself some type of reward.
  11. thanks everyone...i have a pair of NPs that i may sell to offset some of the cost and keep the studded VPs. everytime i put them on, there is no way i am going to allow myself to return them. haha!

    luv ya ladies!
  12. Keep them...they r one of my favorite shoes I have and hard t find as well. If u let them go you may not find them again. Plus it's just one shoe. Just don't buy anymore
  13. Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!
  14. Enough said, keepppp!!! I am so looking for a pair so you are a lucky future doctor, my dear!!
  15. love that perspective!!