Studded reveal!

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  1. :yahoo:My charge send has arrived! They are even better in person. The leather is so amazing and buttery soft on the clutch. I've already used all 3. I took haley to work yesterday and took the onyx clutch to the movies last night. The universal case came with onyx studs even though I ordered it with the brass studs. But that was a mistake that I'm happy about because it's the perfect size to use as a small wallet in the clutch. And I realized that I already had a wallet with the same hardware as the haley. I love all of them! Now I need to go on a ban! Lol.

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  2. Gorgeous, congrats! Who agreed to do the charge send? My outlet is usually not very helpful in that way.
  3. The manager at my local outlet offered to search the system for any purses that I was interested in and do a charge send and ship them to me. I had told her earlier that I didn't see anything in the store that I loved. She was very nice and helpful.
  4. Beautiful...Love the Haley. I've been wanting that clutch for the longest and walked right out of the outlet without it. I've regretted it ever since. LOL
  5. Wow! Coach sure has changed since I was last into them back I the day! I love love LOVE the clutch and wallet with the black studs! Pardon my ignorance (I haven't checked out coach in probably like 5+ years, lol), but are those current styles available for sale? Or are they from previous seasons? I would love to check them out! :smile:

    Oh, and have you (or anyone else) experienced any chipping with the black studs? I have an Alexander Wang Rocco with black matte hardware and noticed that it does wear away the black hardware over time :sad: thanks!
  6. I first noticed the clutch on FOS but missed out on it. I was so happy to find it! It's a great size and holds more than I expected.
  7. They are both deletes. They are from the full price store but have since been deleted. Not sure what year they were originally released. FOS the online factory store had the universal case in their current sale and they've had the clutch on a past sale. You can go to your local outlet and see if they can do a charge send for you. They were amazing deals both 70% off! Good luck I hope you find them!

    Not sure if the studs will chip since I just got them. But they aren't on the bottom.
  8. Love your new goodies, congrats
  9. Love all the studded items...especially the clutch!!! Congrats...enjoy!
  10. Beautiful!! What an awesome haul. Enjoy!
  11. Love the look of the case and clutch together, so that was a good mistake on the studs! :smile:
  12. Love them all!
  13. May I ask the current outlet price of the universal case 67657 with black onyx studs? Your reveal inspired me to try and get one for my new iPhone 5s. This case is currently featured on the Coach FOS for $39 but they sold out almost immediately and I missed my chance.

    But I've just won an ebay auction for one for only $33 NWT (MSRP $78) and I'm thrilled!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful purchases!
  14. I paid $19.99 for the universal case. I'm glad I enabled you! :smile:
  15. Thanks everyone! I wish I could use the clutch today but it's too dark for easter. Lol