Studded Preston Mini or Regular Size??

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  1. Okay - I have narrowed it down to which bag I want, and I found the matching wallet too! I love this bag. I had ordered the borough with the edge paint in yellow, while beautiful it's not for me. Sooo I have narrowed it down, love this bag. However, I really like BOTH of these for different reasons. I like that the studs are along the bottom of the mini, and I like I could use it on motorcycle rides/crossbody :smile: However, I like the larger for everyday. I could probably get away with the mini, but like that the larger is more spacious. Which gets your vote ladies.

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  2. The large...I just can't do mini bags!
  3. I think the mini is cuter. I like the studs across the bottom better. The bag is small but not that small. I like the contradiction between tough and cute because it is small. You don't get that vibe with the large. I've never seen the matching wallet. What does it look like? The only reason the mini works for me is because I downsized wallets from the accordion to the soft wallet. I think a studded wallet would take up too much room.

  4. The wallet is beautiful, I bought it today. My Coach store pulled it out of the back for me, it must be just coming out in the new floor set. It's a large accordian zip style, with studs on the bottom. It does fit inside the mini too, I tried it inside while I was in there. It just fits though. :cool:
  5. I'm partial to the mini… so cute :smile:
  6. Mini. Holds a lot and cuter.
  7. I could never carry the mini but I think it's cuter than the regular.
  8. Stud P! Have not seen the larger studded one in person but I have seen the non-Stud Ps and it's a pretty big bag. Definitely not for riding. You'd need the mini for that and while she's small, she looks like she could fit a lot.

    I personally like the across the bottom bling rather than the columns but Stud P works it both ways. Unfortunately, I'm little so the large would swim on me but you really can't go wrong either way.

    It's honestly a question of whether you want a big bag or a smaller one. And mini Stud P is small. Just bare essentials so if you like to carry a lot, large Stud P is your girl.

    So jealous!! :smile: And Stud W too!! Congratulations! :woohoo:

    PS: Y'all better leave a mini Stud P for me for Memorial Day. :nono: One ecru and silver is mine!
  9. It fits but because it is so big there isn't as much room for anything else. If you need to carry a lot, you might not have as many occasions to use the mini P. I bet the wallet is beautiful. All they have on the website is the ecru.
  10. The mini. It holds more then you think. The large is too big. This is one of those bags I wish Coach made in a medium size. Something in between these two sizes would have been perfect.
  11. +1 What she said!! :goodpost:
  12. The mini is adorable, but personally I would go with the larger size because I think it will be more versatile in the long run. Also, mini bags look ridiculous on me.

    Good luck deciding, OP. I don't think there's a wrong answer here.

  13. +2 I totally agree ladies, one in between would be PERFECT! :graucho:
  14. When the stud placement on the mini is nicer I can't do a bag that small. The small handbags annoy me...esp when they're cute :smile: I have 2 Large Preston's and I don't find them to be that big. I guess it's because it carries all that I need. I'd rather have more room than no room.
  15. I agree - the mini is just too small for me. And I don't carry a lot. I have 2 of the regular size and I don't think of them as being really big. I'm petite too, and I think they look ok on me as long as I don't wear them crossbody.