Studded Muse 2, your thoughts????

  1. I've been lusting over the black studded Muse 2. Its on sale but still quite pricey...

    Anyone seen it? Have it?

    I know opening and closing the Muse 2 is a little hard but I still think its a gorgeous bag and this one even has the long strap which I LOOOOOVE.

    Oh and would match my Chloe studded Susan boots...

  2. Sorry, I can't answer your questions, but I wonder how this bag will slouch when you put things inside. Also, what would the weight of the bag be with all the studs? Is it leather on canvas, or leather on suede?
  3. I, too, have been looking at this bag, was told by a SA that it is very heavy, but it sure is a beauty!!
  4. I can't answer your question but it is a beautiful bag. clearly recognizable as a ysl but very unique.
  5. I have the ysl rock stud clutch..! I love how the studs are three different colors up close!

    I'd say buy the Muse! I think the studs give it some edge ;)
  6. I have this bag. Got it during on sale from NM. It is leather and suede. It is heavier than my lightweight hobo type bags but it doesn't bother me. It is challenging sometimes to open and close especially when trying to do it while carrying it. When you put things inside, it does cause a slouch. I like things not as structured so it doesn't bother me. I definately love it for the look.