Studded loafers

Robyn Loraine

Jan 14, 2010
Hey all,

I have just become acquainted with Miu Miu shoes and I must say, I am very much a fan! I've been following a fashion blog where the poster is also a big fan of Miu Miu shoes and found a pair that is TDF. This is a link to them on net-a-porter, now sold out I love these shoes sooooo much, but I can't find them anywhere!!! I assume this is because they're from a past season...but I was wondering if anyone has seen these shoes? Or what you do when you fall in love with a pair of shoes long after they are gone everywhere? Here's hoping I can find them some day.... :girlsigh: TIA everyone!


Apr 24, 2010
I don't think you can find these anymore. I got these in the oxford version during the fall/winter season sale at Miu Miu SCP. I still wear them frequently and must say that they are my favorite Miu Miu shoes.