studded giant check scarf, keep or return


Trying to b good ^_^
Jan 31, 2009
Escaping from Ban Island;-)
For some reason, the link is not working for me. It says that the page is unavailable.
I know what you mean though. A few seasons back I bought a beautiful big Mulberry shawl with black pompoms on it. I bought it online and at first sight, it looked like a perfect warm winter shawl for me.
When it arrived I really liked the way it looked until I tried it on. Oh dear...I never ever had a heavier shawl than this one, it was really heavy. I didn't want to imagine how I would feel when I had to wear that shawl all day long. So back it went.
If this shawl is really heavy you might want to exchange it for something else. You have to decide what is comfy for you and what not. A shawl should keep you warm, not give you a sore neck :P.