studded gallery totes

  1. what do u think of the new studded gallery totes? i am thinking of getting the black one but not sure so i need ur feedback on it.
  2. I saw the black one IRL and it is beautiful. I really, really, really liked it!!! I am thinking next PCE myself!!!
  3. I like all the colors! My mom got the gold one and I was looking at the brown one for pretty!!! You should get one.
  4. I kinda want the gold one...I think they are pretty and edgy at the same time.
  5. Does anybody know if they made a gold tote like this last year that might be in the outlets?
  6. I think the black one is gorgeous. The gold is nice as well, but it seems like it would get dirty REALLY fast. The side pockets have a suede border so that's kind of iffy for me.

    The chocolate is nice too!
  7. I think the studded gallery totes are gorgeous!! Very beautiful!! I wouldn't mind one in black or chocolate.
  8. I like the black the most. Though I wish one were made in silver?
  9. LOVE them. The black is TDF. It's gonna be hard for me to decide between that or the Sig Stripe tote in Gunmetal...

    ...maybe I won't have to choose.... :groucho:
  10. I haven't bought a Coach bag in a long time. But I'm loving this bag in black. It is definately on my wish list for Christmas.
  11. The Gallery tote is one of my favorite Coach bags and the new studded one is just beautiful, I like the black and chocolate.
  12. They're really pretty!
  13. I think they're really cute... I love the black one and the gold one.
  14. I saw the black one and really liked it. But I was not sure about the strange zip and the straps. The straps looked really thin and uncomfortable.

    Owners of this bag, is it comfortable wearing over the shoulder?
  15. margaritaxmix,

    i'm also falling in love with Studded galery tote in black and Sig Stripe tote in Gunmetal...dear all, please help me to choose either one...