Studded Gallery Tote #11505 do you own this bag? Questions.

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  1. yeah, I love this bag although I totally missed the boat on it while it was in stores (story of my life!). I know some outlets have it but I can't get there so I'm searching eBay for one. I'd like to find it in black although that might not happen since there are sooo many brown ones and few black.

    Anyway, my question is this: If you own this in black or gold, can you look at the bottom of the bag and tell me about the alignment of the c's on there? The brown ones that I see on eBay have a pattern of c's on the bottom which is pretty symmetrical but the gold and black ones that I've seen typically have the a pattern which the c's seen a bit off center. I'm wondering if these are fakes. If any of you own this bag in either black or gold, can you post pics of the bottom or just let me know what the pattern of c's on the bottom looks like? any help is very much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Any coach bag that has signature on the bottom can be aligned center or offcentered. It has nothing to do with authenticity.. it's just how Coach does it. As long as the front and back and sides are centered, the coach style# and the creed looks good.. then you're good to go. :smile:

    I have this in the chocolate.. and it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

    You can always post any authenticity questions into the "Authenticate This Coach" in the Coach Shopping forum.
  3. Hi! I have this in black! The bottom is one big oval piece of fabric that is sewn on to just cover the bottom, so all the C's line up. There are also 4 little metal feet. I paid $209 at the outlet and got the only one in black, keep that in mind so you don't get price gauged!
  4. And the bottom is signature, just like the rest of the bag.
  5. wow just yesterday when I was in Disney store and I saw this girl with the chocolate gallery tote.. it's so really pretty IRL that I can't help but keep looking at it :biggrin:
  6. I have the wristlet in chocolate and LOVEEE IT!
  7. Thanks so much for all the info, this may well be my next bag purchase. Like I said, I'm hoping for it in black but the black ones seen to be marked so much higher than the brown ones on eBay, I wonder why? Do you think $250 is a fair price for a black one-is that too high, or too low? I have no clue!
  8. I bought the gold one at the San Marcos Outlet last month for $207+ tax

    $250 is a great price considering, their gas, paypal fees, and ebay fees.
  9. I LOVE this bag. I wish it had the pretty lining the otehr gallery totes have...

    Good luck!
  10. I think $250 is a decent price. I got mine at the outlet for $209 + tax so its pretty comparable! You will loveeee this bag! It is so pretty and shimmery like no other bag! Everyone gives me compliments! And the patent trim is TDF!
  11. 250 is a great price...i got mine for 358!!! or 398...can't remember...but it was not on sale
  12. I am an alignment freak.. if its not aligned i wont even look at it! this includes bottoms and sides =)
  13. Thanks for the help girls-I don't know that I'll find one for $250 but that's what I'm aiming for, wish me luck! I could definitely find it in brown for that price, but the black ones I've seen so far are more....oh, what to do!
  14. Yea, they def only got a few of the black ones at the outlet. When I went they originally told me they had no black so I was all set to get a brown. Then when I was ringing up the SA came running over w/ the black she found from that back! I was like OMG! Its so worth the wait if you can hold out. I got both colors, took them home and spent a week deciding lol. They are both pretty but I think the black is worth the wait! Its soooo pretty!
  15. I know this post is old but a coworker got this bag via eBay in the brown shiny shade and I LOVE it but I don't recall ever seeing it before? Was it on the Coach site? When? I can't believe I somehow missed such a LOVELY tote!