Studded flat... Whaddya think?

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  1. Ladies, I've been lusting for the Mad Mary for years. I got the studded VP but returned them because for some reason (even tho VP is my favorite) it wasn't working for me. I don't do flats usually but I've been drawn to this shoe. What do you experts think?
  2. hi, candy! I really like the Candy flats, but I don't think they will cure your desire for Mad Marys! they went on sale at BG, right? I think you get the flats if you find them for a good deal AND still be on the lookout for the Mad Marys!
  3. Seriously ? If i had to buy a pair of studded flats.. I would go tottaly for it.. candy is nice but the zip thing is not my favourite thing, event though i loved Rodita.. my choice would be for BIG KISS !! Now that's studded flats.
  4. candyny - I completely agree with surly - as much as I love the flats, nothing compares to the MM. I think you will still be looking for them. But, you can always get both - nothing wrong with having multiple studs!
  5. Thanks, Ladies. Like the idea of multiple studs!!! I'm worried after my brief encounter w/ the Lady Page that the Mad won't work for me. The flat I was looking at was the Freddy...should have been more precise. I have never liked ballet flats for some reason.