Studded Fatale?

Dec 29, 2010
I'm SOO torn on this bag... not sure if I should keep my preorder or not. I wish there were more pictures of it. I would love to see the interior compartment and the zipper pocket under the flap. AA is going to ship mine sometime next week but coming from them, there'd be no way I could return it without their stupid restocking fee in the way. Sigh....
it's really pretty though, but I wish there were some detailed pictures floating around somewhere. I might just cancel it now and decide. I wish Nordstrom carried this bag..

My main concern is how incredibly small it looks. I watched the Spring '11 video over and over again just to see that girl posing it, and it looks SOOO small. Even the Spring presentations had one model pose with this bag, and it looks TINY... and a little flat, like those studded rockers (which I never liked because of its size and small capacity). Hmm..



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Dec 4, 2007
I love the Studded Fatale more & more every time I see it but I don't think I can get past the X lining. Yes the bag will be closed and the only one who will really see it is me but...
Dec 29, 2010
Finally found more pictures of the Studded Fatale through shoes/!! Including the main compartment opening!!

You can go here if you need to zoom into the pictures better:

As it turns out, the zipper on the flap is actually used to access the main compartment, not the zipper pull underneath it. I thought the flap zipper was decorative. I personally don't like the way it looks when you open it, though. But that's just me. I can probably see myself digging through this purse thanks to the small opening. Hmm.. need to think this over.

Ok, I've finally decided. I'm going to email AA and see if they can cancel my order. Hopefully they can do it before they receive the bag. :sad: OH WELL. It was so pretty, though. But the way the bag opens just killed it for me. =(
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Sep 21, 2008
^hmmm, I don't know, there's something kind of interesting about that...but I still love the Studded Rocker!


Apr 26, 2010
Thanks for hunting down those pics, Princess Garnet! I was so on the fence about this bag -- loved the look of it, but too similar to the studded rocker to justify the cost. But that opening is a total dealbreaker for me! Not a fan at all. Decision made!!!

... Now to figure out a way to talk myself out of the Studded Vixen as way too similar to the myriad studded bags I own ...