Studded D&G Bag 70% OFF in LVR

  1. I check LVR once in a while because they post new sale stuff every so often. Today, there is a new one, it's a studded handbag, that looks like a punk Alma. :nuts:

    Not my style, but maybe someone here? 70%, can't beat that! From 1243 euro to 373.
    D&G Studded Handbag.jpg
  2. not my style either but nice of you to mention to everyone:biggrin:
  3. I think it's kind of interesting. In any event, it's been grabbed up.
  4. What is LVR? I hope that isn't a dumb question....:shame:
  5. I'm with ya! At least we can be dumb together Winternight! :smile:

    What does the R stand for?
  6. LVR is Luisa Via Roma (!
  7. Thanks. What an amazing site. I would love some of those Easter eggs.:love:
  8. Sorry winter and ilia, next time I will post the link..
  9. Nice! Thanks for posting, now I'm going to be checking LVR all the time for sales, lol.
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