Stud-stamped hobo - I got it

  1. Thanks to the Holt Renfrew friends and family discount it was the same price as in the US ... so I splurged. I love it. At first I thought it would be too big, but took it out for the first time today and it is great. And the leather is really unbelievable...

    Here is a pic; for reference, I'm 5'2". Yes, it's a large bag (Veneta maxi size) but I am used to carrying big bags...! I really love it and I don't think I will have to be as careful with it as with the woven BV. So... two BV's in a month (and a wallet). Can you say hooked???
  2. wow mistikat, you are totally rocking it, how cool is that!!
    and yes, you are seriously hooked indeed.:tup:
  3. Welcome to the addiction! I really love this one mistikat! What a beautiful bag and it looks awesome on you! Congratulations!
  4. It looks comfortable on you. This bag is Rock-N-Roll-ish, but it can also be quiet and stylish.
  5. Well, I got it at the right time - I'm embarrassed to admit it but my brand new Roma is already in the shop being fixed. Was at a friend's house yesterday, grabbed the screen door to help her with her baby seat - and the screen door grabbed my bag and pulled out a piece of the weave. Fortunately, it tore (ack - it kills me to type that) right under the handle so the repair place told me it can be rewoven and tucked back with no visible marks. But I've only had it for a week and it's like driving a new car off the lot and getting into a fender bender. Considering that I don't have a car and am on the subway all the time, the hobo may be the better choice for frequent outings.

    But I'm sure I will be charmed by other woven pieces in the future. I'll just be way more careful with them....
  6. mistikat-i know exactly how you feel re:the roma. the first time i used my noce cabat i noticed it had a torn strip. well i was shaking when i saw it. the people at bottega were fabulous. although they didn't offer a new one; the repair was flawless and quick. i have not had a problem since.
    as far as the stud stamped veneta-it looks fabulous. i tried it irl and it didn't look good at all on me but it is terrific on you. enjoy it and don't worry about the roma.
  7. Wow, mistikat that is one hot bag! I love it, Many Congrats!
  8. such a hot bag! enjoy!!
  9. mistikat-my first time seeing that bag on a person and it looks fabulous. welcome to the subforum and horray to the 2 purchases..please post pics of the wallet too!
  10. Mistikat, the bag looks like it was made for you...enjoy!
  11. yup, mistikat! you are definitely hooked, just like the rest of us :p

    congrats on your roma (do post pics when you get it back too) and now this fab addition...I'm sure there will be more to come!

  12. Congrats! it's not that big on you
  13. Congrats on your new addition to your beautiful BV family :yahoo: Enjoy her!
  14. Finally, a picture of this bag on a real person! It looks huge, but seems perfectly slouchy and comfortable on you. Enjoy!
  15. I posted pix of the Roma and python wallet in another thread; bought them in Rome when we were there two weeks ago.... Thanks for the advice re the torn strip on the Roma .... there is no BV store in Toronto but I took it to a great repair place and they said it shouldn't be any problem. Still bugs me though!.... The wallet is the match to the fabulous python bag, which I also saw in Rome. Gorgeous.... but still in Rome!
    roma-and-wallet.jpg BV wallet.jpg BV wallet 2.jpg