Stud-Stamped Hobo BV? Anyone?

  1. I've fallen hard for the new for 2007 fall BV Stud-Stamped Hobo.

    Has anyone ordered this bag yet? Is it in stock now, or is it a "later fall" item.

    I'm on a purse ban so I haven't purchased it yet - but i'm feeling week as of late. It's just so beautiful. :heart:


  2. This bag to me has an Audrey Hepburn-meets-rocker-bike-chick vibe to it. Not exactly my cup of tea but I could imagine it would look wicked on someone who is that sweet tom-boyish gal a la Cameron Diaz. A very modern take on the classic Veneta hobo shape. I like that the studs are subtle and not in your face.
  3. mmm I want to feel the studs before I decide to order them - it's a texture thing lol
  4. This bag is in the boutique stores already.
  5. I saw this one at the NYC boutique last time I went there. The SA told me (though I can't recall his exact words) that Tomas Maier got the inspiration from the metal studs on a wooden gate/door of an ancient architecture and wanted to create the exact same feel for this beautiful piece. While it is not for me, I thought it was exquisite.
  6. I think it's extremely cool!
  7. I saw one at the Carmel store a few weeks ago. Not for me, but it is very different.
  8. I love this! Any other stud-stamped styles, or only the hobo?
  9. Not my typical style but I really like the subdued biker edge that exudes style and refinement yet still expresses a raw and sensual quality. If I lived near a boutique and had the opportunity to try it on and realized it really worked for me, I'd go for it and expand my horizons a bit!
  10. I saw one at Barneys in Chestnut Hill. Mid- commented that the inspiration came from ancient architecture; now I know what it reminds me of---a medieval knight's helmut!!!! Sorry; it's not for me.
  11. beaux, from another big bag girl, the Maxi Veneta is such a great size! And since the entire bag is non woven, the leather is just soooooo soft, even with the studs under the leather!

    I really liked the whole rock chic vibe going on from the pics, but after seeing and trying on the bag in person, it wasn't instant love, and didn't quite do it for me. :sad:

    Is there really no way you can try it in person before ordering it?
  12. i think it's cool.. but it's now woven.. so it's not for me. :sad:
  13. ^^I'll have to call around and see if the NM or Saks in my area has it yet. I'd have to try it on IRL too first.

    I saw it in my Sept. Harpers Ad campaign - it looked amazing on the model - how it would look on me is quite another matter though.

    Let's hope I don't like it - I really don't need any new bags this season (I have a '05 Balenciaga Rouge Theatre that I haven't even used yet!) so that's what i'll be carrying this fall. (Along with my black lg. Veneta)
  14. NM in northbrook, il had this bag on the shelf last night. it was very cool looking, caught my eye. they had a ton of BV.
  15. beauxgoris - I've been with you on this baby since your first sighting! I've tried it on since and it's a "rockin' " BV for sure - not the usual, but still BV in the impeccable detailing of the leather covered studs. It was a big large for me (not so much in looks, but feeling), and I think once full, it would be overwhelming. Thankfully it didn't work, and not sure if I'm happy or sad that it isn't available in a large!

    Go try it on and see what you think!