"Stud" on the inside of padlock plate

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  1. One on my baby Grenat has come undone and fallen off... Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. That sucks!

    Can you take a pic? Have you still got the stud?
  3. I think mammab received one that had the stud missing to begin with!
  4. I don't have a pic, I took it straight back to the Chloe stand in the Printemps and I still had the stud. I found at the bottom of my bag, which prompted me on my OMG, what's this? kick this morning.
    They're gonna fix it but it'll be 3 weeks before I get it back. Oh well, time for a Charlotte GD perhaps? :biggrin:
  5. Mine have not come off yet, but some of them are loose in that I can feel them swirl if I touch them?! If any of mine pop off then I am straight on the phone to Chloe and they better put it right.
  6. From what I understand, if you take it back to where you bought it, they HAVE to send it in for repairs. And it'll be a full refurbishment ^-^
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