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  1. Hello!

    My sister just purchased this Valentino bag from I've never seen this style before. Anyone familiar with it? Does anyone know how old it is? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I don't but I saw it on Bluefly as well. I was interested but thought it might be heavy, I'm curious to see how your sister likes it.
  3. I'll keep you posted! :smile:

  4. I see Bluefly also has a Tan one today as well, pretty bag:cool:
  5. I have no info on it but I do remember seeing it not that long ago on the Stanley Korshak website--at least I think that it was the same one. You could ask someone at the boutiques if they know what season/year it is from or ask if they still have it. :smile:
  6. Thanks. I've been able to confirm the style. Now she is just anxiously waiting for thr authenticate thread to confirm the bag itself is authentic. It's a beautiful bag.
  7. I love the rockstud collection. I wonder why I haven't seen this particular style yet in person. I checked again and it's still available in the colors (not black) on the Stanley Korshak website. So some stores may still be carrying it.

    Hope everything works out OK on authentication. Congrats to your sister on her new beauty.
  8. Lemme start this thread to worship the beauty known as Rockstud.

    Zomg, I found this on instagram...the triple clutch rockstud....TDF

  9. Modeling my favorite shoes- 100 mm nude rockstuds!

  10. Hello -

    I recently came across a bag that I love, seen here:

    I love the combination of the color, texture and style.

    I did some searching on this style and there seem to be varying measurements for it. Does this style come in different sizes or are they measuring different points?

    I'd also love to hear if anyone has this style - what do you think?

  11. This looks like the one Neiman Marcus has on their website in a color called Beige but in person is more of a Carmel color. I purchased this but ended up returning it because I didn't care for the textured leather, it was stiff and quite heavy compared to the softer smooth leather. I did like the size though.
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    The hottest shoes this season, the camo trainers with rockstud details at the back. I knew this will be a hit when I first saw it. Perfect balance of boyish fun and rockstud

    Source: Grazia IT

    Source: Monsieur Jerome

    Source: Jak and Jil

    Source: Monsieur Jerome
  13. The rockstud clutches work for men as well

    All Source: Monsieur Jerome



  14. I have this one in black and I bought it from that site. I know all their measurements are done by hand so may vary a bit from other sites that just take the generic brand measurements. Also, I believe they measured it seam to seam, not how far it sticks out.

    I happen to like the texture and the fact that it stands on its own. I've had it a few on this now and use it everyday. I not find it too heavy unless I overload it.