Stud Earrings--the Martini Setting

  1. HI!

    I have made it my mission to find a perfect pair of martini set stud earrings. My budget does not allow me to have a "real" diamond pair so I have been scouting out CZs. I have found that it is extremely hard to find the martini setting in a CZ.

    I just got a pair in the mail today, and they are martini set, but the martini shape was really tall and thin and still gave me that "earring droop" effect.

    What do you think about this pair? I decided to buy them in the .75 and 1 (I have tiny earlobes). I am hoping that the martini shape is really more short and fat and will make the stones sit better on my ear.

    Please let me know what you think about the martini setting. Any good websites that you can find?
  2. I am looking at a pair of peridot earrings in a martini setting and find them to be a great setting. They really show off the stones well (and imagine the same would be true in CZ). I don't think they set as "flush" as a bezel set would, but again, if you are after sparkle, I think you will be pleased.

  3. Very pretty! I didn't realise that it was called a martini setting but now I see why!
  4. I've never heard of a martini setting. Is it b/c of the way the prongs are set?
  5. I think Swanky bought diamond studs in the martini setting, she had a thread about it, you might want to do a search for it!