Stud 2 Pocket Sac - Elisa Atheniense's

  1. I'm still looking for a bag around $700. What do you all think of this one? I wish it came in a lighter color though. Thanks again for the advice.

  2. I actually really really really like that bag.... A LOT! I kind of like the fact that the strap is short to balance out the long body of the bag. I also like that color a lot too. Plus the detail of the pockets... Very very very cute! :love:
  3. I agree, I prefer a shorter strap on all my bags.
  4. I like it, but I don't like the strands hanging down from the zipper.

    I really like that outfit she is wearing! That top is :biggrin:
  5. Have you looked at some of the new or last-season MJs? If you're looking for a bag of that size, I remember thinking the expandable Sienna or Adina would be appropriate.

    I actually like the style of the bag that you posted, but am unsure about the quality. For $700, you can get yourself a MJ, LV, or Tods, all which have good quality track records.
  6. It's cute. Looks a lot like a purse that BR had this winter, but with four small pockets. I don't care for the string--would probably give it a hair cut.... For a $700 budget, you've got a LOT to chose from.

    Maybe you should determine what size, style (i.e. shoulder vs. hand, outer pockets vs. no pockets, etc.) you want to narrow down your choices.
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