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  1. I have a dilemma. As I've entered the Hermes world and aquired their pieces, I've discovered that I do not wear my other designer bags. I may average wearing them about three to five times a month. I don't want to part with my other bags, but my preference has been to wear my H goodies. I feel that my other bags deserve their time to shine more often. I've thought about selling them, but it would be too painful. :crybaby:Has anyone been down this road?
  2. TBH I've sold everything bar one limited edition LV Murakami bag, a Thomas Wylde bag and my Lanvin Kentucky. I know that my Birkin will always take preference over anything and once I get my next H bag the others will no doubt be used even less.

    I do find that the Birkin isn't great for every situation such as in the evening so the others will cover that
  3. I agree, it is such a dilemma to grapple with. If it's any consolation you can think of it as a well rounded collection, even if every bag doesn't get an equal turn.

    I have just started my designer handbag collection and I'll admit that I went crazy in the beginning but have since then slowed down, especially after learning about Hermes. I am currently saving up for my first H bag and banning myself from other designers because I know now that I will use H the most.

    I will still keep my LV's though. Each bag has a story or may mark a personal triumph/memory for you. Good luck in deciding and I'm sending warm wishes your way.:balloon:
  4. I was just in the same situation. I've gotten into Hermes a few months ago and it's only recently that I've sold most of my other designers' handbags. There's still a few more to sell though. I had to hold on to them for a few months to realize that I didn't use them at all after I got my H.
  5. I bought two new-to-me Hermes in the past few weeks, and I am in perhaps a little different situation - because I went crazy on the Birkins, I am now having to sell most any other designer bag I don't absolutely adore. A lot of LV, some Chanel,Gerard Darel, and more. I just have to recoup some of the $$$$$$$ I spent on my Hermes!
  6. I'm of the mindset that you should only keep pieces you LOVE. If you feel like you're wearing your other bags out of obligation, then that may not be a good enough reason to keep them. The thought of selling them may seem painful right now, but think of all the new H goodies you can get!

    I'm an anti-clutter person, so I guess maybe the decision is easier for me (I'm selling my Chanel and a Kelly that I didn't LOVE, and right now I'm designer bag-less as I search for my dream H bags). Life's too short not to love and use every single bag you have.
  7. ^^^ ITA!! :yes: This is totally my philosophy, I'd rather sell things that I only feel ok about and get something I love plus I don't like to have lots of stuff.....too much to look after and clutters my mind
  8. coleigh - I understand your problem completely!! :graucho: Nowadays I only use my H bags, maybe every now and then my Chanel bags, but that's it.. I have stored all my "better" bags in my closets (like limited editon Bottegas, Fendis, Guccis etc.) and last year I sold all the rest. It was difficult to part them, but then again I made some money and could buy more H goodies! :nuts:
  9. I just sent most of my non-H bags to consignment with the exception of a few classic Chanel pieces,, one prada tote for rainy days and one LV bag that I kept for sentimental reasons since it's the very first bag that DH got me when we first started dating. I just found that they were taking too much room and I really did not use them anymore. I don't even miss them at all and I'm actually glad to have the closet fill with more H bags:biggrin:
  10. After I got my birkin, I sent the vast majority of my bags to consignment. Kept two Tod's bags, three Bottega Venetas and a Chanel classic flap... and a couple of others. But am wearing the H bags pretty well exclusively at the moment.
  11. Coleigh, I know exactly what you mean. I have been an "H junkie" for about 12 years came and went when I was younger, not making much money. As I have "matured", so too have my tastes and dislike for the "it" bags. I STILL use my Herve Chepalier bags for the beach, even though they are SO 10 yrs ago and used by French children for school bags! There is something about H that draws us back in each season that passes. The timeless of it all still amazes me...EVEN with their clothing!! How many of you STILL wear something from 1995? I have two H sweaters (one silk print, one velvet thingy) that are still my favs.

    Embrace the H....:heart: We're all in the same boat here! ;)
  12. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a consignment store in NYC, since I have bags I haven't used since the baby and would like to get rid of them. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. There are so many and I don't know if one is better than others, but I took mine to Michael's on Madison Avenue (between 79th and 80th) and just about everything sold within a couple of months. They priced things at about half of what the same/equivalent thing would sell at retail and then you get 50%. They were totally professional and I always got my check without any problem at all.
  14. The Zagat shopping guide has a bunch of designer resale shops listed and you could call different ones. I got a few names and called a few places but I chose Michael's because it was convenient and the people seemed nice on the phone.
  15. I've sold thru Fisch for the Hip in NY and I like them because they're pricey so you as the seller get more $$--there is also a place called Ina which I would say BEWARE of because they've lost some items I consigned with them (fortunately not pricey bags). Jemznjewels is also in NY, I've bought from her but i don't know what it's like to sell with her. HTH!