Stuck with 1600euro store credit

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    Long story short, I am cutting ties with Hermes and returned the last couple of things I bought due to the fact that Hermes as a company practises racial profiling against Asians in France (CONFIRMED by a sales associate)
    I am now stuck with a 1600 euro store credit for France. Any suggestions on how to spend it?
    I'm thinking perhaps a nice gift for my mother for Christmas... I can't bring myself to buy anything Hermes for myself anymore. Any suggestions for anything no more than 1700 euros?
  2. Sorry to hear about your experiences at FSH! Are you able to sell your store credit to a friend/family that maybe going to Paris soon?
  3. Why don't you just go to the store, explain that you are getting something for your mother and what she would like, and go from there? It will depend to a large extent on what is in stock when you go in.
  4. If it was as easy as "depending on the stock" for Hermes purchases, I wouldn't be stuck trying to "get rid" of a store credit from Hermes in the first place :smile: I would prefer to go in prepared.
  5. But you will end up having to select from what's there at a certain point, regardless of what you may want, if the credit is to be used by a certain point. I guess it will depend what you want. There is usually an ample supply of housewares, ready to wear and scarves.
  6. I'm particularly looking for some suggestions for something maximum 1700-1800 euros that I could bring back to the States for my mother as a gift...
    Ruling out scarves because my mother has a whole wardrobe of Hermes scarves, and ready to wear would be tricky since I don't know what her size would be for Hermes.
  7. Farandole silver necklace ?
  8. how about a H Heur watch?
  9. How about dogon or bearn wallet
  10. under your circumstances, i wouldn't have accepted a store credit. Isn't it still spending $ at a store you don't want to support ? I would have demanded to speak to the SM, explained why i was returning the merchandise and asked for a full refund.
  11. How about a Garden Party bag ?
  12. Good advice, birkinette! :tup: I second that!

  13. Thank you all for your suggestions.
    I really didn't want to take the store credit but to be honest, I was just intimidated. It really is different over here, the attitudes, I just wanted to get out fast. They weren't very sympathetic or apologetic but merely explained that profiling Asians is simply something they've had to do in response to the 'exploding demand'. Do you guys think it's worth another shot?
    I'm just so sick of the attitude, the eyerolling... the key thing is that the fact that they discriminate against me for my race isn't a problem for them and isn't considered inappropriate the way it would be like in America. It was just 'too bad but this is how we have to conduct business'
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    If policies are like anything in the US good luck getting money back. That said it still may be worth the try. Am unsure the impact of disclosing why you are done for good. There is power in the pen and it may get you the cash refund. I am not suggesting you blow the whistle on your source. However, no company wants to be outed in the press for discrimination. The allegation seemsa fairly easy to prove without involving your source, at least from my perspective but would require a sting type operation, investigative reporting.
    I digress I suppose. I'd have a difficult time ever walking into a H boutique ever again, too. I suspect you are not alone in your anger and ditching H forever.

    The attitude is not just where you are. It seems pervasive. My husband travels and has stopped in various H boutiques and inquired about a 28 kelly for me. In one boutique the woman, who happened to be Asian, would not look him in the eye when she answered we have nothing. For DH to say he knew someone is lying is something; he is a quiet guy, even tempered and as laid back as they get and I want to say less in tuned to "vibes" than myself. I'm sure he was right that she was lying but you can't say I think you are lying. You just leave and wish them (under your breath) a sucky day, life.

    I guess what I mean to say is it matters not the race of the person or where they are in the world, maliciousness is alive and well and apparently thriving What grieves me is Hermes seems to have an abundance of rude SAs that ruin the shopping experience for a lot of people. There are nice ones too but walking in and getting who you get is often a roll of the dice. I blame Hermes for not setting a standard of how anyone walking in their stores are to be treated. No exceptions. Training is in order and the sooner the better, and having a customer satisfaction forms at the door for customers to take and fill out, postage paid back to corporate. They really do need to get a handle on the way they treat customers.
  15. The thing with discrimination in France is that it doesn't carry the same repercussions as it does in the States, especially not where all "Orientals" are assumed to be "obnoxious, rude, will sprint into the shop right when it opens Chinese tourists". But my gosh it would be all TOO easy to prove with a sting operation because I see it happening to others at the same time its happening to me, especially at FSH.