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  1. AUDREYS!!!

    I went to Outlet on Sunday. I wanted lagoon to add color but had none. So bought my normal metallic. So pretty.


    I was helping my mom find a wallet then saw this. She came home.


    I bought my 1st Audrey about a month ago. STUNNING



  2. Very pretty! That wallet goes with both of them.
  3. I just bought the same gunmetal tote (a real departure for me, I NEVER go for metallics!) and now you're making me wish I'd gotten that wallet, too! Gorgeous, all of them!
  4. Thanks!! That's why I HAD to get it. LOL

    Congrats. I always get grey/silver/metallic/gunmetal and finally a color (Lagoon) spoke to me but I missed it so back to ol faithful for me. Thank You
  5. Bag cousins, I have it in navy! Congrats!
  6. love it, congrats
  7. Lovely Audreys! Congrats!
  8. ooo i love these bags....makes me want to get one too!! enjoy
  9. Is that the large size? I love the blue one!!! What's the style #?
  10. So pretty! Darn I want an audrey tote! Congrats!!
  11. Congrats! I am also in love with the Audrey! I have last year's navy Audrey with the break-away zipper, and a navy and gray large wristlet from last year. This year I got the lagoon (PCE) and the metallic. I am using the Audrey gogo wristlet in navy as my wallet. So, I totally understand!:p
  12. Gogo wristlet twins. I use the navy as a wallet also when I am carrying my navy Audrey.
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    Yes the gunmetal is the larger which is called medium I believe.

    OMG I was window shopping on Bonanza and saw it. They were having a rush sell where certain categories of items are on sale. Handbags were that day. Saw the pinnacle navy limited edition audrey tote. I came on TPF ans did a search after hearing everyone who had 1 RAVE about it and seeing more pics I bought it. An impulse but sooo glad I did it is hard to describe. So soft, shimmey and light. Anyway end of novel Style number is 19586
  14. I love that coach has so many wristlets now that can be used as wallets.Using a woven black Kristin wristlet as my wallet in my Laila right now
  15. You gotta have least. LOL