Stuck on the plane for 2 hours... then asked to de-board

  1. I will say that I am not angry, because I know the airline has to follow the proper precautions, but this is sure going to be a long day!!! I left Ft Lauderdale this morning at 6 am. So I was up at 4. I flew to Charlotte and was supposed to leave at 9:30. There is a quick flight to Columbus- a mere 45 minutes or so. Well, there was a 1 hour delay. Fine by me. Then we boarded. We sat on the plane for just under 2 hours. While they booted and rebooted it three times. Then they finally asked us to de-board. So here I am.. sitting on the ground.. hoping this plane will take off. If not, it is going to be mayhem. I'm really hungry too!! Ha.

    Anyhow, hope you all are having a more productive day!!!
  2. I really do feel that pain. Make sure you check the airline policy with regard to providing refreshment. I think a meal ticket starts at a 5 hr delay. Hope you get where your going to. I know alot of people in the UK currently are not, major flooding, lots of people stuck on roads with nowhere to go due to road closure.
  3. Oh that totally sucks but I think It rather be on the ground if they had to boot & reboot my plane 3 times!

    Hope it gets sorted for you soon and then you can be on your way
  4. Do you know what caused the delay?

    At the end of May / beginning of June, I flew from Toronto to Boston to attend a college reunion.

    On my flight to Boston, there was about an hour's delay.

    On my flight back to Toronto, it took forever to board the plane, and then it took forever for the plane to even leave the tarmac.

    (Both delays were due to thunderstorms).

    At some point, the captain turned on the in seat entertainment. So at some point I just got used to not going anywhere and watching a movie.

    The annoying thing is that whenever the captain had an announcement to make (which was frequently) whatever we were watching had to pause so we could hear him.

    At some point it was like, "Will you shut UP!?! You're interrupting the movie!"

    So FINALLY we took off and then it took forever to leave the plane. They had to get someone to open the gate for us.

    So what was supposed to be a 6:00 to 8:00 flight was practically an 8:00 to midnight flight.
  5. Well they just updated again... another 45 minutes to wait to hear.

    I was on the plane for the 3 reboots- which had the AC turned off which was HOT and then stinky, you know!

    I guess better to be sitting on the ground than on the plane. But I really just want to leave!!!
  6. Poor Megs, hope you are on your way soon!!
  7. They just added another 45 min.... hurm. My bum is hurting from sitting on the ground/on plane seats all day.
  8. Ooh that sucks. But I think sitting on the ground is much better than on the plane. I once sat in the plane without moving for over an hour before a fourteen hour flight. Then it drove around for another half hour or so before taking off. It was horrible.

    Hope you're on your way soon and get some food in your stomach.
  9. Ah the frustration you must be feeling! Hope you are on your way by now, Have a safe flight
  10. I did the circling for an hour then not being able to get to the gate for another hour after a 10 hour flight. That was awful too! I just want to be in the air. I was even happy sitting on the plane because I felt like we were going somewhere!! Well, kinda.

    Worst part still is that this flight is only about 45-50 minutes. I just told Vlad he is going to have to come get me... although that is about a 6-7 hour drive :amuse:
  11. Oh that sucks! But yeah I would rather be on the ground than in the air on a plane with problems!!

    This happened to me coming back home from Nashville (via Minneapolis). In Minneapolis we started boarding then they discovered a problem so we had to deboard...luggage too...then they had to find a plane for us and after walking to the new gate they realized the plane hadn't been cleaned so we had to wait an hour for them to clean it and THEN we could board.

    Hope you get home soon, Megs!!!
  12. Still waiting :sweatdrop::search::whistle:

    New update at 2 they say.
  13. My worst flight was 19 hrs on a full Hercules transport plane with 1 hr on the ground for refuelling - we were not allowed to leave the aircraft pan.

    No aircraft seats on that baby, they call them para seats, my whole body ached after that one let alone me bum! I was also the only female on the flight and trust me going to the loo on a herc is not a nice experience.
  14. That sounds totally frustrating! When I was flying back from NYC to Atlanta two weeks ago, our flight was supposed to leave at 12:55 PM. But due to weather, we were grounded on the tarmac for SIX HOURS without food and ample air conditioning. Our flight didn't leave the airport (no other planes did, either) until seven PM. Luckily the flight isn't long. We weren't asked to get off the plane at all, which is kind of good, but being stuck out on the runway like that just sucks. Some passengers on our flight decided to get off the plane anyway, though, and take a later flight or none at all.
  15. Wow. That's frustrating. But at least you're not super grumpy about it. :smile:

    I use to get extremely aggravated at delays. It didn't help me one bit.