Stuck on the Leather....Not sure what this one is.

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  1. I looked through the threads and was not sure where to post this. Please feel free to move. I looked through the leather swatches in the reference library and still am puzzled. :confused1:However, I just recently bought a Picotin PM in Chartreuse and do not remember the grain of leather.

  2. Looks like Clemence or Togo. Probably Clemence as that's what most Picotin PM's are made in. Nice bag and great color! Congrats!
  3. looks like togo to me..
  4. I agree. Picotins are typically made from clemence. I have owned a picotin in chartreuse and the leather was the same as your picture.

    Enjoy it!
  5. Looks like clemence to me, chartreuse would look different on Togo, Congrats, I love that colour!
  6. it is clemence--flattish grain
  7. i think clemence too comparing to my goodies.
  8. Thank you so much for all your help. I was going back and forth with it.
  9. Clemence.
  10. Another vote for clemence
  11. I think clemence. togo is more bumpy
  12. Definitely clemence
  13. Clemence.
  14. Yep definitely clemence - just like my chartreuse MM picotin!
  15. I agree - Clemence - it's exactly like my PM Chartreuse Picotin. Yummy!