Stuck in a satchel rut... or just hitting my style stride?

  1. it was just this year that i got in touch with my own bag lust and i went through the classic 12 steps of tPF/bag addiction:

    1. lurking, 2. seeing everyone get great deals and just miss out getting them myself, 3. pledge more frequent lurking, 4. scoring first great deal, 5. buying, 6. buying, 7. make first post!, 8. selling, 9. buying, 10. returning, 11. buying, and 12. maybe finally narrowing down my personal bag style?

    i'm looking around at the spoils (pics - the Bulga crescent in Banana, HH Louvre in Plum and HH Suki in Saddle are my favorite bags in the closet currently), and realize i have a "satchel problem." i just naturally gravitate to these lady-like proper shapes... and i feel kind of bad... boring, in fact. sure, i have a chain bag in the mix, flirted with some hobos, contemplated duffels, but it's the satchels that get (and keep) my heart racing.

    and what do i most covet next? of course, the HH Pastis and Mosaique SATCHEL.

    what do you think? should i go with it? is this just me hitting my style stride?

    do you find yourselves just gravitating to the same styles again and again? feel bad about it or embrace it?
    Suki saddle.jpg bulga.jpg louvre plum.jpg mosaique.jpg pastis.jpg
  2. i embrace it! i like what i like...i can't help it!
  3. I find myself now only buying things I can carry on my shoulders and was wondering the same thing. I looked at all my LV's and most all of mine are the Babylone/Looping/Cabas Alto style... threw in my Ellipse and it had to have a strap and then I look and both my MC speedy and reg speedy have straps... guess it is what it is.
  4. Those 12 steps are perfect!!! So true! I'd say I'm the same. I gravitate towards hobos and slouchy shoulder bags. And brown bags! I do consciously try to consider what I have, and what's missing in my collection. I guess I do embrace what I'm drawn to, but I also try to be practical, because believe me, I've spent a lot of money on bags just taking up space in my closet!
  5. I love satchels also but do have a couple of shoulder what you love and what you'll use and you can't go wrong.
  6. If you prefer satchels there's nothing wrong with it as everybody has a favourite, style, colour designer etc. I just have shoulder bags.
  7. Everyone has their own style and operating procedure. I, myself, like to have a range of bags -- hobo, shoulder, clutch, satchel, tote, handsfree for travel. I don't ever buy the same bag in a second color. I really make my collection work for me. I don't make lots of mistakes...because I really plan and use my bags. I am also ecological and only want bags I'm really using. I don't like to have a lot of bags just sitting around collecting dust. Use and enjoy. If your style works for you, go for it.
  8. I'm satchel crazy myself, the last 3 bags I bought were satchels and I have the HH Suki and HH Pastis on my wishlist. I love satchels! You should just go with it, at least you love all your bags.
  9. i go through fazes. 2004-2005 was satchel time, then i did big bags until recently, now i m into smaller or more medium sized shoulder bags.
  10. Oh, embrace it! Your choice in bags, what you use and what you love, is part of what defines your personal style. It's you! I buy bags I love, use them lavishly, and enjoy owning them to the fullest. I think some of the more sophisticated bags look fabulous, for example, but I'm a suburban casual writer type person myself, so trend towards slouchy totes and shoulder bags. I've got my eye on a nice satchel that looks like it can be carried on the shoulder, though. :smile:

    I love your description of the 12 steps. Very much what's going on with me right now.

  11. haha! i love that you have "bag eras!"
  12. hi! i have noticed us leaning towards the same bags and styles from HH :smile: always nice to find a "bag twin!"
  13. I love any bag, but especcially satchels. I just love how big they are (or how big they can be) and how many ways there are to wear them and how well they go with outfits. I am just a bag-o-holic and I love anything!! I agree with embracing your own style :tender:and loving that style. :woohoo:
  14. I gravitate toward satchels, but don't always buy them because they don't fit my current lifestyle as well as a casual hobo or slouchy shoulder bag might (I only carry handbags on my days off and I like to have free hands then). I've been compromising by looking for satchels that can be hand-carried or worn on the shoulder.
  15. Yeah I'd say we're definitely bag twins, I also own that Bulga satchel in banana :smile: