Stuck in a rut!

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  1. Hi all, I need some of your help!!!

    I got my first speedy a week ago, it is the Damier Ebony 30! I absolutely love it and cannot believe that it's mine :nuts: HOWEVER now I am looking for another one to add to my collection. I've decided to go for the Neverfull style of LV! The only thing is, I can't choose between the classic mono or the damier ebony! HAHA! I considered the LV mono neverfull because I don't have one in that style yet.... It'd look great for this coming Summer. :smile: However, I also love the Damier.... For those who own Neverfulls, PLEASE TELL ME THE PROS AND CONS! As well as what you all think would be a great second purchase. :smile: Thankkkkkkks all!
  2. I actually do prefer the damier neverfull but since you already have a damier bag, I would probably go for mono. I don't know. It's a really hard decision.

    Congrats on your Damier Speedy 30. It's a great bag.
  3. What about the roses neverfull I love the pink interior and it would be different than your speedy, if you don't like that one then I say go for the Monogram one so you have a variety in your collection jmho!
  4. I love my nevermull MM in damier, it's a great every day bag and I love being able to have it cinched in. I chose not to get monogram because a lot of fakes, but I still love my monogram bags and carry them proudly. It does get heavy when a lot of stuff is in it and it only has on pocket on the interior but seriously it's neverfull!
  5. I am in the same situation as you trying to choose a nf but,I think that im starting to lean more towards the damier.
  6. I agree! I'd go with a mono so you have 2 different patterns! What about the mono roses NF?

    Good Luck deciding!
  7. Go for the classic Mono Neverfull MM. I love mine!
  8. I love them both equally seriously lol: I used to have the Mono MM, sold it, bought the Damier MM about a month ago, have been using it everyday and loving it. And now I wonder why I sold my Mono one and when I see Mono ones out and about (which is all the time) I long for one...sigh!

    Sorry I'm no help:P They're both amazing, so you can't go wrong with either!
  9. How about the Roses Neverfull MM or Graffiti Neverfull GM?
  10. Get the Mono NF, I love mine!!!
  11. Hey all! Thanks for the replies!

    So, I was considering the Roses NF but I guess the LV beginner in me never thought of purchasing that one... I LOVE the Speedy version though! Absolutely gorgeous!

    I think I'll go for the MONO! :smile: I need to purchase my Mom a birthday present so I'm leaning towards purchasing her a speedy in classic Mono! SO NEXT MONTH IS GOING TO BE HECTIC! Thanks everyone :smile:))))
  12. I would say mono because of its neutral lining as you stated it would be a great summer bag! The damier has that goegeous red lining, but in the summer I tend to wear colors that really the red would not coordinate well with, so I would get the mono! Congratulations on your damier ebene speedy 30, that is the very bag I am currently carrying this week, you will love it more each day! I think you have caught the LV bug!
  13. I prefer the damier NF but I am in love with the roses NF - and it isn't that common here in BC... I will be adding the roses to my collection for the reason mentioned above -not common around here - but also I am in love with the pink lining and I love the burst of colour on the brown mono...
  14. I have the mono neverfull and LOVE IT. I personally dont like the Damier in the neverfull
  15. I LOVE my Damier Neverfull. It is such a great everyday bag