Stuck in a beauty rut...

  1. I've been so busy and stressed that I haven't had enough time to paint my nails, get my hair cut, or do my hair and makeup really well. Plus the weather is making my skin dry and the stress is making me break out. I've found that acne products just make it worse so I have to just leave it alone and try to calm down. I feel like I'm sort of letting myself go. It's not that I look like a frumpy troll or anything; it's just that I know I don'tlook my best and I'm not that motivated to do anything about it :sad:...

    Does this happen to anyone else? If so what do you do to snap out of it :shrugs:....
  2. Do you have a dog? If you do I just find that so therepudec for me and the pets. It is something you can do for "them" and you will enjoy as well.
  3. When the weather changes to cold here...I have to COMPLETELY change my beauty really affects me too.
    Just make sure u moisturize a ton.Go to a good makeup artist and have them pick your colors for u.SERIOUSLY...even my colors change during winter(lack of tan!)...Itll make u feel and look better when u see u love it
    Also..Make sure u ALWAYS wash all the makeup off your face at night.I SCRUB my face at night...never get breakouts ever.Breakouts are sometimes from your makeup clogging your pores.
    Anyway.....A good makeup makeover(and a mani/pedi!!LOL!)always makes me feel like new again!
  4. I agree, if you don't have the desire to get back on track, go to the salon and have someone else do it. This time of year is always very stressful, even just a mani, pedi, or haircut could be enough to help you snap out of your rut. Just make sure to schedule a day or half day for yourself and stick to it!
  5. These are some good suggestions! Thanks ladies!

    I think after Christmas I'll do a spa day! I would love to do it now, but I can't spend the money (or a whole day) on myself right now. The stress isn't going to get better until after all the holidays/weddings/parties are all over and I get a real break :p...
  6. ^ No dog for me :sad:

    My parents have one that I see a lot and so does my bf, but I've never had my own dog...
  7. I sympathize completely, claireZK. Right now, my hair is frizzy, my skin itches like mad, my nails are all broken, and my face is broken out all over! I feel disgusting. :yucky:

    As soon as I can set aside some extra $$, I'm going to take everyone's advise and have a much needed trip to the salon myself!
  8. I'm in a rut too. Always throwing my hair in a ponytail or bun, just because I'm too lazy to blow it out. Thinking I'm going to treat myself to a mani, pedi, and some highlights soon.

    Try looking at magazines to see a look you like thats easy to, hair, or both!
  9. when im in a rut i take a sunday to myself. homemade masks & scrubs, hair treatments, baths, oil rub downs, the works. i always feel better come monday morning. and always keep in mind that even though you think your letting urself go, natural beauty is something that never fades :smile: the best compliments ive ever received have been when i think i look my worst
  10. Yeah... in the same rut. I've been wearing my hair in one of those claw things in a twisty thing ever since I got it cut a month ago and didn't like it. I haven't even tried to do it yet and live w/ it. Makeup has been powder or foundation only and I haven't been wearing my contacts. I just don't feel attractive lately and don't really have any sort or urge to try... so yes, I feel you!
  11. Thanks for the kind words ladies! I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem!!!

    I had a party to go to last night, but I worked from home yesterday, so I actually had time to get ready... I took a bubble bath, did my hair, did my makeup a little different, wore different perfume and put on pretty jewelry that I never wear.

    BF (who never ever notices these things) was extra sweet about it. He said I looked really pretty and he the whole night he was looking at me the way he did when we first met (years ago) :love:

    I just thought I'd share, because it made me feel SO much better...
  12. Thats what im going through as a matter of fact. I havent gotten a mani and pedi since the cold weather started.

    I get a little down with the days going shorter and colder. so I like to head to the tanning salon every other 2 weeks. the light helps cheer me up.

    Also, make sure you moisterize like someone above said. skin ican crack and look scaly. that doesnt feel or look good.

    for my makeup, I dont really have the time in the morning to put makeup on, so I usually just put on some mascara, blush and lip gloss.

    as far as my hair, the winter time is the time where I get it done instead of me doing it myself.

    After Christmas, im going to the spa for a through massage, facial, pedi and MAYBE a mani!
  13. Im so behind on my monthly services!! LOOK OUT!! This upcoming week Im hitting it all!! Botox, restylene touch ups on Tuesday, then on Wed. I will get my hair highlighted and trimmed, Thursday is mani, pedi. Thank the heavens as I need it for my soul and for others that have to look at me! LOL If I could lose 10 pounds this week I would be a new woman! I have that ugh feeling right now...its time to take care of it! SO, I get it!
  14. Good to hear that you are better! I am very stressed & worried at the moment and haven`t had the energy to do much about just seemed unimportant. My situation isn`t better but I try to have a different approach and one of the things I try to change is that I approach myself as if I am really well and having a great time: so I at least found a great but not so expensive hairdresser, got myself some nice bubble baths (and some candles to go with it) make a rule of doing a pedi and mani once a week (myself) and try one of the many make up products I haven`t used every week. It makes me feel a bit more in control, like getting slowly back in charge whatever lies ahead.
    Try to do a change to your routine step by step- you see from your experience how nice it could feel!