Stuck in a [bag] rut: How often do you switch your bbags??

  1. Hi all...:smile: I just caught myself browsing eBay AGAIN for a fabulous bbag to bid on, and then realizing that I've carried the same one for a week now. Confession- I even catch myself thinking of an outfit to wear the next day, and then changing it at the last minute because I'm too lazy to change bags... and I've gone weeks without wearing any of my brown clothes because I'm stuck in a black bag rut. Is that terrible?? Am I the only one who does this??

    Maybe that's why I'm hesitant to spring for a colorful bbag, because there's no way I could conjur up a week's worth of outfits that match vert gazon! (well, I could, but then wouldn't my laziness be so obvious?) I've been trying to work on this problem lately by buying a toilet case and pouch to hold my stuff inside my bag to make it easier to switch, but I must admit I still have a closet full of bags that haven't seen the light of day in waaaay too long. Can anyone sympathize?? How often do you switch, and what tricks do you have to make it more appealing?
  2. I change bags daily, when I get home I remove the contents and put it back in the dust bag.
  3. I know how you feel. A lot of my bags about a month ago had never been used but I pulled one out this weekend and now I feel a release of stress unloaded. I think I am scared to use some of my bags because I don't want them to get dirty. How stupid is that?!:p
  4. Get yourself some colourful bags your won't regret it, believe me you'll find outfits to match them.:yahoo:
  5. Hee hee ... just this morning, I changed bags again ... since I had been using my '04/05 Holiday Collection Orange Metallic bag. Since I knew that I was wearing the "old Corporate" suit today (Black - snore!), I didn't want to look like Halloween!!!

    Generally speaking, I usually change my bags every week ... however, there have definitely been times when I've just been too lazy to do so (likewise, use the bag 1 time and that's it ... I know ... SHAME SHAME!).
  6. Same here ... that's why so many of mine look pristine; they simply haven't been used more than 1-2 times!!
  7. Have you already decided what you're going to wear the next day too, or do you start with a fresh bag every day and figure it out later? You're an equal opportunity bbag carrier:smile:

    Does anyone choose the bag first and match your clothes to it, or is it the other way around?
  8. I choose the color bag I want (varies day to day depending on mood), and then I wear whatever I want....matching or not! :yes:

    I really believe that B-bags, regardless of color, stand on their own and usually don't need to be "matched," per se, to a particular outfit.
  9. That's a good point- not stupid at all!! I had my greige box for a week, and I already got some blue ink on it, and felt this sinking feeling in my stomach- not good!! Maybe I ought to stick to darker colors, just in case!:smile:
  10. LOL... this is me too. 3 out of my 4 bags before today, hadn't been taken out of the house... I took my Marine City on its Inaugural trip outside today! :yahoo: And I'm planning on getting the other two out very soon... No sense in having all of these gorgeous bags, if I'm not going to use them. (For fear of something happening to them as well...)

    I've been in a mini-rut (using only my blueberry mini-b), but I'm trying to change them out a bit more often... I think grad school starting has helped to change this for me, I feel I have something to get "dressed up" for, and that its okay now to look cute, changing out my different bags. :smile:

    I definately would go for color though!! There's so many gorgeous ones!! Why not have at least one!

  11. I Second that!!! I believe everything matches if you want it to... that's what make fashion so funny and refreshing.. :yes:
  12. Depending on what outfits I wear during the week, I change AT LEAST once during the week (perhaps for the weekend), and at most every night to coordinate with what I'm going to wear the next day. On average about twice per week.
  13. I am trying to downsize to 4 bags so I can wear them all equally, all the time. I feel guilty when one doesn't get used often. With 4 bags, you can change them every 2 -3 days!
  14. I too put my bags away nightly. Partly because I am fanatic about the care of my bags, and I like them stuffed with t-shirts and tucked in every night, and partly so I don't choose my clothes according to my bag but the other way around. I have to say though with all my bright colored bags, they really go great with lots of solid colors. Black, brown, gray, white etc. I honestly think I was more limited when I used mainly brown, black or white bags. You deffinitely don't want to wear black with a brown bag, or brown with a black bag, but I can use one of BBGM Pink bags with both! I also live in Southern California, so I am not limited by the seasons.
  15. I change my bag everyday...sometimes twice a day depending on what my day is like. I will sometimes decide what bag to carry first (depending on what I need that day) and then work my outfit around it.

    I like to use my bags alot so that I DON'T worry about them getting dirty. I really want to USE them so that they don't become these sacred objects that don't get used. They are too expensive to sit in the closet unused.