Stuck Home Today

  1. Having a new inground sprinkler system installed today. So bored. Must be home b/c some of the work has to be done inside. My dog is going nuts and even follows me into the bathroom b/c she's such a scaredy cat.

    Last time I was this bored and stuck in, I had my husband ordained on-line for free as a minister of the Universal Life Church My girlfriend was 5 months pregnant at the time and about to get married by the catholic church. She was sooo worried that the priest would notice her bump and refuse to marry her. I told her I would handle it and remembered reading about this site:idea: . She didn't like the idea of having me marry her b/c she thought I would clown around too much:blah:. We agreed my DH would be perfect for the job, if worse came to worse. It took a few minutes and was free. Luckily my girlfriend didn't have trouble w/ the catholic church (she's a twig and wore a big dress)and my hubby didn't have to jump in and save the day.

    He still goes around telling everyone to call him Reverend, though. He even ordered luggage tags from them:yes:
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  4. Shushopn, that's funny. :yes:
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  7. Sooooo bored. On a spending freeze so no on-line shopping. I've already read my new Lucky mag. Maybe I'll become a reverend also:idea:
  8. Shushopn, have you read Don Marquis' work? I borrowed from the National Library a book (maybe two?) nearly 40 years ago and fortunately, a lot of his poems can be found on the internet free of charge. :yes:

    mehitabel s extensive past

    By Don Marquis, in "archy and mehitabel," 1927

    mehitabel the cat claims that
    she has a human soul
    also and has transmigrated
    from body to body and it
    may be so boss you
    remember i told you she accused
    herself of being cleopatra once i
    asked her about antony
    anthony who she asked me are
    you thinking of that
    song about rowley and gammon and
    spinach heigho for anthony rowley
    no i said mark antony the
    great roman the friend of
    caesar surely cleopatra you
    remember j caesar
    listen archy she said i
    have been so many different
    people in my time and met
    so many prominent gentlemen i
    wont lie to you or stall i
    do get my dates mixed sometimes
    think of how much i have had a
    chance to forget and i have
    always made a point of not
    carrying grudges over
    from one life to the next archy
    i have been
    used something fierce in my time but
    i am no bum sport archy
    i am a free spirit archy i
    look on myself as being
    quite a romantic character oh the
    queens i have been and the
    swell feeds i have ate
    a cockroach which you are
    and a poet which you used to be
    archy couldn t understand
    my feelings at having come
    down to this i have
    had bids to elegant feeds where poets
    and cockroaches would
    neither one be mentioned without a
    laugh archy i have had
    adventures but i
    have never been an adventuress
    one life up and the next life
    down archy but always a lady
    through it all and a
    good mixer too always the
    life of the marty archy but never
    anything vulgar always free footed
    archy never tied down to
    a job or housework yes looking
    back on it all i can say is
    i had some romantic
    lives and some elegant times i
    have seen better days archy but
    whats the use of kicking kid its
    all in the game like a gentleman
    friend of mine used to say
    toujours gai kid toujours gai he
    was an elegant cat he used
    to be a poet himself and he made up
    some elegant poetry about me and him
    lets hear it i said and
    mehitabel recited
    persian pussy from over the sea
    demure and lazy and smug and fat
    none of your ribbons and bells for me
    ours is the zest of the alley cat
    over the roofs from flat to flat
    we prance with capers corybantic
    what though a boost should break a slat
    mehitabel us for the life romantic
    we would rather be rowdy and gaunt and free
    and dine on a diet of roach and rat
    roach i said what do you
    mean roach interrupting mehitabel
    yes roach she said thats the
    way my boy friend made it up
    i climbed in amongst the typewriter
    keys for she had an excited
    look in her eyes go on mehitabel i
    said feeling safer and she
    resumed her elocution
    we would rather be rowdy and gaunt and free
    and dine on a diet of roach and rat
    than slaves to a tame society
    ours is the zest of the alley cat
    fish heads freedom a frozen sprat
    dug from the gutter with digits frantic
    is better than bores and a fireside mat
    mehitabel us for the life romantic
    when the pendant moon in the leafless tree
    clings and sways like a golden bat
    i sing its light and my love for thee
    ours is the zest of the alley cat
    missiles around us fall rat a tat tat
    but our shadows leap in a ribald antic
    as over the fences the world cries scat
    mehitabel us for the life romantic
    persian princess i dont care that
    for your pedigree traced by scribes pedantic
    ours is the zest of the alley cat
    mehitabel us for the life romantic
    aint that high brow stuff
    archy i always remembered it
    but he was an elegant gent
    even if he was a highbrow and a
    regular bohemian archy him and
    me went aboard a canal boat
    one day and he got his head into
    a pitcher of cream and couldn't get
    it out and fell overboard
    he come up once before he
    drowned toujours gai kid he
    gurgled and then sank for ever that
    was always his words archy toujours
    gai kid toujours gai i
    have known some swell gents
    in my time dearie
  9. :smile: Wow Passerby- I think I'm far too shallow for that poem! I really appreciate the time you took to type that out for me are so great to keep me company while my yard is being dug up. My dog has since passed out from all the excitement. She is an 11 year old chocolate lab mix. I might actually have to take a nap until my kids get home from camp...:shame:
  10. I knew a guy in college in the Jewish Community who boasted that he was an ordained Minister via the internet.
  11. I don't know that it's worth boasting takes all of 2 minutes and anyone can do it. My husband is Jewish so it is comical in every pathetic sense of the word.
  12. :roflmfao: That's funny. I know how you feel being stuck at home , except I have been stuck for almost 3 weeks because my only sitter is out of town! I don't go anywhere myself with a 4yr old and 10 month old. Too much work. I'm about to go nuts because on top of it our weather is crappy!!
  13. arireyes- I have 8 year old twin boys so I was stuck in a lot w/ them when they were born b/c it was winter and a lot of work to schlep them around...All I can say is it will get better.
  14. I can't imagine having twin boys!! My 4 yr old is a handful by himself! I'm hoping my daughter will be a little more mellow(probably not though). My mother in law will be back in 5 days and then you can bet I'm taking a shopping day! I'm sure it will help once he's in school all day though.
  15. Lol