Stuck between Two bags.. help the newest marc by marc bag

  1. I am not sure what I want more.. The new marc by marc Viva La Val Slim bag in green $398 or the Marc by Marc totally turnlock bowler in blue... which one gals? help pleaseeeeee

    darnnn i cant post pictures it wont let me.. you can google marc by marc viva la val slim bag its the satchel one that kinda looks like a bowler bag.. thanks everyone
  2. I sort of like the turnlock bowler better, only because the leather on this bag is TDF! so soft and buttery... you won't be able to stop touching it!
  3. I agree with thithi. I'm also not fond of the enameled-brass push locks on the Viva bags.
  4. so the totally turnlock bowler comes in blue? carbon blue? red? and green? I think i want it in blue. does anyone know if they still sell it at the marc store?? thanks
  5. I like Viva La Val more than Turnlock Bowler.

    (source: eluxury)
    Viva La Val Slim in Caramel

    Viva La Val Multi Zip in Chocolate Chip
  6. Firebird red is an older color. I saw Carbon Blue at Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique the last time I was there, try giving them a call.

    Resort 06 colors: Black, Carbon Blue, Moss, Sunset
    Fall/Winter 06 Colors: Black, Firebird Red, Yam, ..
  7. Thanks for the pictures bag.lover! I love the Viva La Val!!
  8. i wish the viva la val came in blue.. I LOVE THAT BAG thanks so much gals
  9. ^ Have you called the boutique about the colors? The official site often shows a partial listing only.
  10. thats a good idea i will do that thanks so much
  11. The Viva is cute, but I have to say that I just love my black Totally Turnlock Bowler. I finally got her out of hiding (my closet lol) and started using her. The leather is so buttery like thithi said. I love to hold the straps with my hands because it's so soft.
  12. I just posted in the other thread about my turnlock bowler--I'd recommend it. It's one of the best bags for the money I've ever bought.
  13. I have the turnlock bowler in black and I LOVE it... I'm afraid I'm going to wear it out I wear it so much! But now that spring is coming I was thinking I want a nice brown bag and I am eyeing the viva... but is it too similar to the turnlock bowler? Same shape kinda... any thoughts??
  14. I like both.. I think the Viva la wahtever is a good alternative if you can't find a turnlock bowler, but if you can get the turnlock bowler, go for that one.