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  1. Which one should I get for an everyday bag?? :biggrin:
  2. i like the delightful. What size are you thinking?
  3. Delightful!
  4. I have the Delightful and I totally love it.

    Think about what you like/need...
    * one has a single handle; the other has two.
    * one has a zipper with side pockets and the other doesn't.
    * one is a hobo style and the other is bit more structured.

    Good luck deciding!

    Wecome to TPF!!
  5. I agree with really depends on your preference...I would go for the Totally if it's more for work.
  6. i have the delightful PM but i wish I had gotten the totally instead, because I use it more for work and I can't put my A4 documents in the delightful. I still love it though :smile:
  7. Delightful
  8. I agree, it depends on what you need the bag for.
    Personally I prefer the Totally, because she looks classier.;)
  9. Totally. I love all the pockets!
  10. will you be using it more for work or for casual? if you need to put documents in, then totally. if not, then delightful
  11. Are you a single shoulder strap or double shoulder strap kind of a girl? Also, do you prefer the slouchy look or more structured look?
  12. I vote for the Totally. Not a fan of Delightful.
    GL with your decision.
  13. +1 for totally!
  14. +2 for totally! She's so functional!
  15. delightful! i'm not a fan of the totally b/c of the pockets.