Stucco OR Indigo Blu Medium Intrecciato Nappa Veneta

  1. Hi

    I am contemplating to get my 1st BV but need opinions on the color selection to make the purchase decision.

    I like stucco color but afraid high maintenance requirement since it is a light colored bag. Next option is indigo Blu but most of my bag collection are in dark color. I m torn between the 2 colors. Pls help and give feedbacks. TIA.
  2. I just bought myself an indigo bag (and have actually bought another and I'll decide between the two) and I really like the color. I don't think it is a dark color at all. I'd use Indigo as a year round color.
  3. I would go to Indigo before I go to Stucco due to the lightness of Stucco color.
  4. Thank you both for your inputs. I will head down to the boutique to try the bag in both colours again. Wish me luck!
  5. Indigo is a beautiful blue.
  6. Indigo. Great blue!
  7. Have you chosen yet? I have a Veneta in Aurora (an older creamy white color) and while I love it, the soil is unavoidable and cannot be cleaned off. I would go with Indigo if you like that color as much as Stucco. Otherwise take the light color and just accept that it will show some wear faster.
  8. No. i have not decided the color. Your feedback is very much appreciated. I shld be going for the dark color Veneta.