Stubborn zip on Veneta

  1. Hello fellow BV addicts! I just got my very first BV bag - a medium Veneta in nero. Love it, but the zip is real tight. In fact, when I first unwrapped the bag, the zip wouldn't budge! Took me a minute or two to coax it to unzip.
    Do you have the same problem with your Venetas or other BV bags? For mine, only the main opening zip is problematic. The interior pocket zip works fine, and overall, the bag is just divine.

    Now I'm thinking if it's a manufacturing defect with my bag, or just a problem with new, unseasoned BV bags that will fade away with regular use.

    I'm a BV newbie so any input will be much appreciated. Thanks! :smile:
  2. Congratulations on your first BV, bertrell! The nero Veneta is a lovely choice.

    Still a sticky zipper is not good. Breaking in is one thing but what you describe doesn't sound normal. I had a sticky zipper recently - I worked it quite a bit thinking it would loosen, but looking closely it appeared it was sewn in just a tad too close to the zipper teeth. None of my other BV zippers were on that tight of track. Ultimately I felt it wasn't right and returned it. You might check how closely yours is sewn in. It could be a case of breaking in...if you have a good return option you might give it some time to see if it improves :yes:

    Good luck and welcome to BV-LOVE!! :heart:
  3. I would exchange the bag because that it takes you a couple of minutes to open the zippe isn't normal.
    The zipper on my pyramid was pretty tight but not like yours and after a couple of times opening and closing the zipper it loosened quite a bit.
    Thank god BV is super easy in excanging bags.
    Congrats on your new bag!
  4. Thanks Blugenie and Tanja for your advice! I've decided to return the bag, coz, as you say, I think it's not normal for a zip to be like this, and I don't wanna struggle with it every time I need to reach for something inside!
    Blugenie, I checked to see if the zipper was sewn too closely together. The seams close nicely together, as they should, and not overly so. So I think it's a problem with the zip itself.
    Tanja, I got the bag from Diabro, after reading various tPFers' recommendations about their service. They've really lived up to their reputation - good communication, fast shipping, impeccable packaging. :tup: Pity about my stubborn bag. :sad:

    After this run-in with a BV zip, I'll eyeing a Campana next -- no zip to struggle with!
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your zipper problem and just wanted to assure you that this is not the norm for BV bags. The only zipper problem I have is that as the bags become more slouchy with use you have to pull the zipper section taut in order to open the zipper easily, otherwise there isn't enough tension in the leather to be able to pull the zipper. Nevertheless I still love the security that the BV zipper offers on their bags. I hope you get another BV soon!
  6. The zipper on my limo veneta was also quite tight and I remember telling the SA about it in the store while trying on the bag. The stock on display opened quite smoothly, so I pointed out the difference. The SA assured me that with constant use it should get better. I've used it a few times only, but it kinda seem to open a bit easier with each use (or is it because I just got used to the zipper :s)
  7. Syma and Sum, thanks for sharing!
    I just took out my veneta for a last try, hoping that the zipper have relaxed after a few days so that I could keep it and save the hassle of sending it back. No luck. If anything, it has become more stubborn. Was so disheartened I didn't even try to unzip it fully.
    I really hope it's an isolated case coz veneta is such a BV classic, I'd really love to have one.
    As you say, Sum, I should go to my local BV and try out the zips there...I'd tried on the veneta before buying it online, but didn't test the zip as I didn't think it would ever be an issue with such a reputable brand.
    I hope to finally get my first BV soon, possibly a campana, but veneta may have to wait! :sad:
  8. bertrell, if it gives you so much heartache it may be better to just return the veneta. something like a BV should really make the owner happy.

    understand how you feel about the zipper, in this case a campana would be a good choice, i also have one in ebano and i actually use this everyday since i do not have to worry so much where i put it down. and it is convenient since i can take things out of it even while it is on my shoulder, with the veneta I am finding this to be a challenge.
  9. Hi, just to give an update on my ill-fated veneta:

    I've returned it to Diabro, and while they do not provide refunds, they have
    given me a store credit, including shipping fees. The bag was a let-down, but
    the service was definitely not. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a
    discount retailer of branded goods, with great attitude to boot.

    Thanks to Sum and all you guys for your kind advice too! :smile: If not for you, I'd have kept
    the bag and suffered the consequences. :shame:
  10. bertrell- sorry for your bad experience. bv bags are wonderful but way too expensive to keep a bag that makes you struggle. the campana is an excellent choice. i have one in nero and love it. excellent visibility. easy to get into and out of even when it is on your shoulder. and with the strong magnet, side clips and inside zipper compartment i feel it is quite secure. good luck and please try bv again.
  11. bertrell, sorry about the veneta. i am confident though with the right style, color and at the right time (not to mention the right price), you will definitely get to enjoy your BV bag experience.