Stuart Weitzman sample sales?

  1. Does anyone know what time of year it usually is? I'd love to go to this one- only shoes that feel good on :smile:
  2. Don't know about should drop by a local Nordstrom before the end of their anniversary sale (I think the sale ends Augus 6th). Anyway, there are a few Weitzman shoes on sale - there are some online but you will probabl do better in the store - this way if they are out of stock they can order it for you.

    I just got these boots with a red heel - they are HOT HOT HOT! The price for the sale is $259 then they go up to around $350 or $380 something. Here is the link - like I said the boot in the store has a red wedge heel this link shoes the boot with a black heel.

    I too am a huge SW fan!:rolleyes::rolleyes: