Stuart Weitzman open-toed pumps and Sigerson Morrison flats

  1. What do you guys think of these two pairs of shoes

    Stuart Weitzman

    Sigerson Morrison

    I tried both of them on at Nordstrom's this evening, and they are on hold for me. I think I like both of them, but they are both patent leather and I'm not sure I really want two pairs of patent leather shoes. They are very different, so it makes the decision more difficult.

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I like the flats better-something about the toe opening on the pumps doesn't strike me as right. The flats arevery cute IMO.
  3. ^^ I agree--prefer the flats
  4. Stuart Weitzman pumps.
    I biased because I live in heels. =) I am a 5 footer with flat feet, I cannot wear flats.
  5. ^ I agree with bag.lover, I love those Stuart Weitzman pumps! I think they make a person look sexier! LOL!!!!!!!!! bag.lover, you are so right, I am short too just like you, and believe I can't wear flats! I look sooooo short, it's sad.
  6. Sorry, these pumps don't do it for me, but I :heart: Stuart Weitzman (especially this season).

    The flats are adorable. I hope you are able to get a good fit with them.
  7. I'm too short for flats too but those are cute. I usually love SW but those pumps are just okay.