Stuart Weitzman lowland vs 5050

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  1. I love them both but I can't decide.. Please help me decide:smile:
  2. waaaahhhh!!! me too! that's what i've been thinking of the past two weeks! [emoji16] good luck to us!
  3. Oh really!!:biggrin: Please tell me what model you decide to buy ;)
  4. I thought they were to similar at first, but I have them both and love them both.
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  5. yup yup!!! [emoji6] i'm waiting for fall to come or any sale (looking at nordstrom's) if thet'd have one. i'm leaning towards lowland in grey or the nappa 5050. how abt u?
  6. though i highly doubt if they'd ever be on sale anytime soon! i'm kicking myself right now for not grabbing's promo before. you get $50/$100 extra credit to the site if you buy SW 5050. oh well.

    thanks for the input, @Lzamare! [emoji6]
  7. I'm not sure yet... But I think I want them in black:smile: I'm hoping to find them on sale but I don't think I'll:amazed: I'm going to this big outlet today (sawgrass mills) and see if i'm lucky or not.

    Oh really, I must have missed them on :doh:

    @Lzamare Lucky You!!
  8. I just ordered the Hilos from the anniversary sale. $499
  9. I have them both-lowlands in suede and the 5050 in black leather. I prefer the foot shape of the lowlands and I like the all over suede on them. The 5050s are a little boxy to me. I saw there is a version of the 5050 with a little heel and more of an almond shaped toe (I think called Reserve).

    If you want leather, go for 5050s or the Reserves, and if you want suede go for Lowlands!
  10. I would go for the 50/50. The style has been around for so many seasons that it is classic.
  11. Hi - sorry to add to this and if it has already been discussed before, I can't really find the answer I need! I am petite (5 feet) and love the lowlands, but they come up too high under skirts/dresses (as these tend to fit longer on me being short!) so instead I ended up purchasing the reserve boots in black suede last year - I prefer the look when there is a gap between the hem and the boots.

    However, to wear over jeans/leggings, the lowlands look much better - also, I am concerned about stretching out the elastic panel on the reserves. Is it too much to have both, especially if they are the same colour? I like the idea of maybe getting lowlands in maroon or tan/brown to wear with jeans/leggings, but there is a small boutique near me that has a very high quality and almost identical style to the lowlands but in black suede, and for about half the price so I am very tempted by those. Other similar boots I have seen are not as good quality (usually not real suede or stretch leather).

    Do any other petites have the same issue about the lowlands and 5050/reserves and what to wear them with?
  12. i finally pulled the trigger on the 5050! with NM's $50 off any $200+ purchase, i think it already is a good deal considering it was never on sale anyway. probably the holiday spirit and thanksgiving got to me too! haha! will probably be delivered next week!
  13. I was having the same issue...decided to get both. Lowlands in suede and 5050 in nappa, both in black! I figured if I was gonna spend this much money, I'd want them to be really versatile and unfortunately for me it's black.
  14. i know it really is a hard dilemma! haha! i got the nappa on 5050 as well. i'm glad that u got both, maybe i'll get the lowlands in grey next year! enjoy your boots! [emoji6]
  15. black is the best! enjoy!