Stuart Weitzman for baby...

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  1. Today I bought the cutest little sandals for DD. They were $19.99 and they are by Stuart Weitzman called my first Weitzmans lol I will try to get a picture up they are sooooooo cute!

    Does anyone else have these for their daughter?
  2. :useless::P
  3. I have been trying to get a pic but couldn't find the cord to upload. Finally found it here they are...
  4. too cute!! is that retail or sale price?
  5. sooooooo cute!!!
  6. those are adorable! starting her off to love shoes early I see :biggrin:
  7. That is just too cute!!!!
  8. I am not sure what they retail for. I bought these at Winner's which is like Marshall's or TJ Maxx there.

    And yes...I am making another tpf member lol she has Gucci shoes, those SW's, a LV purse and a Gucci purse. Plus some Tiffany's and Burberry stuff lol I know I shouldn't but the stuff is just too cute and she is my lil girl :love: If I could find CL's in her size I would buy those too