Stuart Weitzman clutch in pink or turquoise?

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  1. I've decided that I need this clutch in my life before the summer.

    Now I'm a pink girl, but I'm thinking there may be such a thing as pink overload. I own nothing in turquoise, however, unless a MJ Selma comes my way in that colour. I do like the pink more, but maybe variety isn't such a bad thing.

    Just looking for an opinion or two whilst waiting for my (pink) polish to dry. Also, if anyone has seen that clutch elsewhere for a bit cheaper, do tell! Can't currently justify spending that much for a clutch.
  2. Cute...I do like the pink better though...sorry I'm no help.
  3. Pink! :smile:
  4. pink here too...and i never wear pink!
  5. I kinda agree with the red. It's quite a pop of color.

    That said, between the turquoise and the pink, I'm voting for pink. I think pink looks more "expensive" and it's more fun. The blue, to me, doesn't look as lux.
  6. I actually prefer it in the turquoise!
  7. I like the pink best, I'm a pink girl
  8. I like the pink... and I usually am not a pink person.
  9. The red would be so cute around the holidays especially, but why did they make it in animal print? Just doesn't translate IMHO.

    I think I'll go with the pink, I'll use it more. Today I'm getting rid of some of the pink bags I already own, so when I get it, it won't feel like I have too many. Thanks to everyone for all the input :smile:
  10. I like the turquoise better.