Stuart Weitzman Boots.... Worth the hype? Comfortable for wide flat feet?


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Aug 13, 2011
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I am currently debating on two pairs of boots I bought from Stuart Weitzman.
I am redoing my shoe wardrobe as I bought flats and boots for their look instead of what my wide flat feet needed....
I was told that a wedge would suit my feet better than flat shoes for everyday?
I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to heels, so the thought of having to wear heeled shoes (wedges or chunky heels) greatly intimidates me. I bought the shoes a half size bigger so I could order inserts to help with my arch, and order the flat boot and the demiswoon wedge heels.

Do they fit the same size? The wedge versus the flat boot.
Will these shoes back fire on me or are they suitable for wide flat feet? Thank you! Can post pictures if that is helpful!
SW do make 50/50 in wide width, have you try those instead? My feet are slightly wider than normal, but not so wide that I have to wear wide shoes only. It's a pain to shop for shoes when I'm in between normal and wide width lol. I tried on a pair of 50/50 in wide width, it doesn't look that much different than normal width, but it does offer more room which allows me to wear a thick socks if need be.

What type of arch support are you using, something from orthopedic office or regular over the counter type?